HTML to WordPress Migration Options: Choose Your Way

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When most of us have started our first website, we were excited to express ourselves, learn a ton of something interesting and new or maybe even make it our business. Once we began working more intensively and often, we’ve realized that to make at least one minor change to our website, we need to know at least some basic HTML or otherwise to pay someone who knows it well. But then WordPress came on stage and changed the rules. The very question we have right now – what are the HTML to WordPress migration options?

As long as in the beginning most of the websites were made with nothing else but text and static HTML, such a way of keeping an online presence was the only one. Now though, the web is much more a different place and so the modern websites are. They provide not only much more complex and rich possibilities and functions but also much easier and enjoyable experiences of website management.

This progress has happened thanks to CMSs like WordPress. 

The core mission of this easy-to-use web platform is to simplify the process of running a website to the most. To manage a website with WordPress there’s no need of having coding knowledge. For this reason, avid WordPress users find it hard to understand that in 2019 someone might still be running a static HTML website. Indeed, considering the gazillion of themes and plugins offered by WordPress.

Conversely, the fact shows that there is still a huge amount of users who still remain to actively use HTML. Granted, these website owners are doing it for own reasons. 

Curious about How Much Does It Cost Running an HTML-Powered Website?

At the time when all these issues are important, the most obvious and premier one remains to be that they simply don’t know how to convert their HTML website to WordPress.

But how to do it without paying lots of money to developers and losing their current website audience and rankings?

Fortunately, as it often happens with problems, there are a number of ways to solve them. We’ve compiled 3 of the most worth HTML to WordPress Migration options for you below.

HTML to WordPress Migration Options:

Before converting your HTML website to WordPress, you need to consider:

  • personal preference
  • desired time
  • monetary investment
  • coding skill.

It’s only you the one to decide which is best for you, though our summaries below will help you to decide quickly and skip straight to the most relevant information for your specific situation.

Manual Migration

This type of migration will certainly require you to learn or know how to code. You’ll need to access your current site directory via FTP and for a beginner to use your existing code. From there you’ll have to create the required files for a WordPress theme and copy bits of code from the WordPress Codex. It is quite a straightforward and simple operation unless you have certain experience with HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP.

Developer’s Help

This is fairly the easiest solution, as all you’ll need to do here is to pay. The cost will be not the most reasonable one and it will also certainly vary depending on who you choose to hire. Basically, if money is not an issue for you, this route is the exact way to go.

Automated Conversion

If you have a static HTML website and now you want more opportunities for it, you can move your HTML to WordPress automatedly. aisite migration service provides you with the unique possibility to migrate your HTML content to the desired CMS platform. With this tool, the migration will be flawless and accurate. In other words, you won’t lose any of your data and you’ll enjoy your new website in a few mouse clicks.

Step-by-step guide on how to use HTML to WordPress Converter Plugin. 

Does the latter sound good for you? Try free Demo Migration to make sure that this is what you need. In the side you can click on one of our latest HTML to WordPress migrated websites and then make your own choice.

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