HTML vs CMS: What do You Prefer, a Bike or a Car?

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For some period of time static websites were the only way to have online presence. Lots of people have HTML sites even now when it is possible to develop a website on CMS platform. There are many reasons why it is so and right now we are going to discuss some of them.

Static HTML Website: Pros and Cons

Let’s begin with static websites. These sites have many advantages.

  • One of them is that running a static HTML website you obtain much stricter control over your file structure, design and SEO efforts.
  • It is easier to maintain such types of sites as there are no updates to install regularly.
  • You don’t have to move to a new version of the CMS, when one is released.
  • There is no need to worry about database crashing as there isn’t a database at all.
  • Furthermore, HTML sites are extremely reliable for security.
Now it is time to speak about the disadvantages of static websites.
  • Running such sites requires coding knowledge and skills. So, it will be difficult for you to develop and manage a static HTML website unless you are an experienced user.
  • There are no plugins or extensions available for such web pages and as the result you have to code every piece of functionality by yourself.
  • Moreover, it is possible to damage the code even if you think that you have enough knowledge about managing a static website.

Opportunities with CMS Website

If you are running a static HTML site, then it might be interesting for you to find out pros and cons of CMS platforms. It is easier and faster to work with CMS sites as lots of operations take less time as compared to HTML websites. The very important feature is that a CMS is scalable, it means that it is simpler to raise the amount of new pages, especially while speaking about huge sites with the necessity to add lots of pages. CMS platform is a better option in case you have to make content updates frequently. For instance, you are a shop owner and you have to add some information about products, then the constant updates are inevitable. The same with bloggers as they constantly write new info, add some images to their blogs and so on and so forth.

Make a Choice: HTML or CMS?

HTML to CMSStatic HTML websites are a great option for people who want the full control of their sites and to create the unique design. But for users who are going to make lots of site changes and updates, websites built on CMS platform are greater choice.

So, let’s compare a static HTML website and CMS site to a bike and a car. The bike is better for close distances in the city, while to go outside the city it is better to use the car. So, if you clearly know what you want from your website then it won’t be a big deal to make a choice.

The Unique Possibility

Migrate HTML to WordPress, Joomla, DrupalIf you have a static HTML website and now you want more opportunities for it, you can move your HTML to WordPress, Joomla or switch the HTML content to Drupal automatedly. aisite forum and website migration service provides you with the unique possibility to migrate your HTML content to a desired CMS platform. With this tool the migration will be flawless and accurate. In other words, you won’t lose any of your data and you’ll enjoy your new website in a few mouse clicks. So, don’t hesitate and set up a free Demo Migration to make sure that this is what you need.

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