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To be successful in this dynamic and fast changing world you have to stay up to date with all of the newest inventions and solutions. If you fall behind – you risk to be crushed under the feet of more innovative competitors. When it comes to web projects – one of the most important factors of success is the method they are created and operated with. The evolution of such methods came a long way from static HTML to dynamic CMS platforms. By now there’s no shadow of doubt that the era of HTML based web pages has ended; however, if you are still running your site using Hyper Text Markup Language – this article is a must-read for you.

Why switch to a CMS platform?

The reasons for transferring your website to a CMS solution are endless. Some of the most crucial factors are time, money and results.

  • why-choose-cms-solutionTime. Building and maintaining HTML-based website is quite time consuming and troublesome process. First of all, to run an HTML-powered website you need to possess some serious coding skills, while using most CMS platforms requires hardly any programming proficiency. Secondly, the content can be added and customized only manually page by page. CMS solutions usually provide a centralized way of adding and editing the content.
  • Money. Except the expenses for domain name and hosting, most HTML site owners have to pay a pretty penny for production and design. Using CMS platform, to the contrary, it is possible to omit those spendings.
  • Results. In terms of results the difference is literally obvious. With the CMS software product you can create an interactive and dynamic project of basically any size and purpose. In the case of HTML, the website can consist of merely 5-10 pages and be a brochure-style project with no need of consistent updating.

In a nutshell, using HTML you would have to spend a lot of time and money but get only a limited set of options in return. In case of CMS platforms, alternatively, you get more for less.

Are you excited to try out a brand new way of managing your website with the help of CMS platform? If yes, then you should have a go with WordPress. Read on to learn why this software product is a perfect fit for you.

Why choose WordPress?

If you have made the decision to switch from HTML to a CMS platform, WordPress can more than help to provide you with everything you’ve been missing with the former one. Here are some great benefits of using this platform:

  • WordPress is a synonym of SEO-friendly, it is favored by Google and has a bunch of plugins, expanding your SEO possibilities. With this platform you can forget about the times when most search engines were unable to index your HTML-based project among others;
  • This piece of software is famous for it’s user-friendliness. If compared with your HTML-based site, operating WordPress web project is tremendously easier;
  • With the gazillion of plugins that WordPress has to offer, you can expand, develop and customize your website to fulfill all of your needs and expectations.

Do you want to be a part of something great? Surely you do. In this case switching to WordPress should be a number one priority in your list. Catch  this excellent opportunity and migrate your HTML-based website to WordPress with aisite automated migration solution.

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