Why Convert HTML to Drupal? All the Reasons and the Only Way [Infographic]

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Many people develop their websites with the help of HTML web-programming language. These static HTML websites are great due to their ability to suit all needs. But at the same time it is really hard to run such sites. While websites built on CMS platforms are simpler in managing. Drupal, for example, is a content management system and has an amazing capability to customize a website. That is why nowadays lots of people want to convert HTML to Drupal CMS.

So, HTML websites are famous for their ability to give the users much stricter control over the SEO, structure and design. But nevertheless, it requires deep coding knowledge and doesn’t give you the possibility to pay more attention to your content and not only to site management operations. Drupal, on the other hand, is beloved platform by many developers because of its amazing customization and the ability to create your own applications. Moreover, there is no need to write a huge amount of codes and leave the website content out of the attention. With Drupal CMS platform it is easier to create and run a site. That is why, we present you the revealing infographic on how to convert HTML to Drupal.

So, if you think that Drupal is the CMS platform you want to migrate to, then do it automatedly with aisite. Run a free Demo Migration and you will see that converting HTML to Drupal is as easy as pie.

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