How to Turn Data Into Dollars: 7 Clicks to Activate Your CMS

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Delicious content captivates attention, which in its turn, attracts great sums of money. Willing to bring this sweetness right into your site? Today you’ve got 7 chances to find out how.

A big part of business success is attributed to the filling you create and nurture. With that in mind, we’ve committed to deliver the superior cream of the latest news in the sphere of CMS, and here’s what it all resulted in.

You want to reach further and aim higher, right? Then trust us: data can be turned to dollars. Just let it do so within 7 clicks;-)

Unsurprisingly WordPress Is Great for Small Business.

Seems a little pricey to be so? Some quick math… Based on contributed ratings and reviews of more than 6,000 small business owners across 7,000 communities in North America, peers at Alignable conducted a research. The study chose 25 national companies and judged them based on the Net Promoter scale. The scale asks one question:

“How likely is that you would recommend our company/product/services to a friend or colleague?”

This is the first time the company has released its findings to the public. Willing to check the results? Click here.

It All Begins With a Thought.

Sounds way much trivial to be true? Be sure to get surprised in the reversive. Crowds at HeroPress prove this to be real. WordPress can make dreams come true. Yet not sure? Discover a great experience on the ways of quickly realizing how wonderfully diverse our individual stories are and why WordPress, this synergistic community of all these unique people, is so dynamic.

Building Quality Into WordPress Projects: A Practical Example.

One of the best things about learning a new skill in software is that you often undergo this process of getting something working, learning about a few of the mistakes you’ve made, refining the code, and then repeating the process. Ultimately, it’s about improving the quality of what you’re doing such that the end result is better than it would’ve been had you just left it as it were in its first iteration. But Tuts+ guess is if you ask ten developers what quality means to them, you would get ten different answers. Go on reading to find out why.

Learn the WordPress REST API With Josh Pollock.

The future of WordPress is the WordPress REST API. The future is here — it’s just not evenly distributed. The WordPress REST API is slowly maturing into a new and exciting tool, but it requires learning a whole lot of new skills and patterns. If to learn, then why not do this with experts? Do your best. With Josh Pollock.

15 Must Have Tools for WordPress Development.

In order to make your work simpler, CodeGeekz bring the collection of top 15 WordPress development tools that will help you in designing and developing fully-fledged WordPress websites with ease. They’ve categorized them into six dominant sub-sections and based on that they’ve listed the very best. To find out what these tools exactly are, click here.

Promoting a Business? 

Learn the best practices on how to do this right. Since today’s world of business is extremely competitive, it is essential for every business owner to understand the best ways to promote a business. The overall goal is to get the brand name out there so consumers can see what their particular company is all about. But how to go about doing this? What is it exactly that a business needs to do in order to ensure they can stand out from their competition? Find it out.

Value Metrics for New Stores : Repeat Customers.

Repeat customers are a key way to determine the sustainability of a business. That is why you will typically hear investors ask about the lifetime value of a customer from business owners. If a customer only purchases from your store once and never returns, it signals that the customer did not develop an engagement with your brand.

In this post, you’ll look at the value of repeat customers, how to figure out how many customers make repeat purchases on your WordPress eCommerce store, and some plugins to improve customer retention.

Closing Line

If for any reason you are not happy with your CMS, simply let it go. Now is the best time to see how your website looks like on WordPress. With our Free demo tool it’s fast and easy. No questions asked.

Migration can be a beautiful thing. Data can bring you dollars. Take control of your website and let this do so.

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