Migrate Joomla K2 to WordPress Without Skipping a Beat [Tutorial]

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It’s known fact the prosperous website management requires a mixture of advanced functionality and your creativity. At the same time, how to turn them into reality with the minimum effort investments? Basically, everything depends on the choice of your CMS platform. Distinguishing the source features of the optimal CMS solution, they are ease of use, flexibility, and great website performance.

However, when you start running your site on the one CMS software, it doesn’t mean that it will meet your demands and requirements in the future. Usually, when the progress is not visible anymore, you have to give a try to another CMS platform.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to migrate Joomla K2 to WordPress without your website data and traffic losses.

Take Over a Business

wordpressBefore you have started transferring your site content to WordPress, look through the “to do” list and make sure everything is in its proper place:

1. Install your new WordPress site, set a new theme, and install the necessary plugins.

2. Inform your site users about your migration. However, the site will be under maintenance, if you migrate your content with aisite.

3. Get ready to your migration process – make you some coffee or tea and sit cozily.

Watch up How to Migrate Joomla K2 to WordPress with Ease

Step-by-Step Guide to Move Joomla K2 to WordPress

1. Register aisite account or use your Google+ or Facebook account.

Migrate Joomla K2 to WordPress Without Skipping a Beat [Tutorial]

2. Select the CMS of your current website and specify its URL address in the provided field.

Then, press the ‘Download Connector Extension’ button. Follow the video-instruction to install the extension.

joomla k2 to wordpress

3. Select your new CMS – WordPress

Provide its URL address, admin login and password to install the Connector Plugin automatically.

joomla k2to wordpress

4. Select the entities and additional options

After that press the ‘Start Free Demo Migration’ button.

Move Joomla K2 to WordPress5. Check the results!

Clicks the links on a description and compare your pages on current and the new CMSs. In case you are satisfied – complete your full migration!

k2 to wordpress
Are you ready to move your Joomla K2 to WordPress right away? Register your account and try the free Demo Migration to check for yourself – it couldn’t be easier.

Migrated Entities by aisite

Migrated Entities by aisite

Estimate Your Migration Price

I want to migrate:
Please Enter the Number of Forums
Please Enter the Number of Forums Topics
Please Enter the Number of Forums Posts
Please Enter the Number of Pages & Posts
Please Enter the Number of Users
Please Enter the Number of Comments
Please Enter the Number of Taxonomy
Migration Price:

* The price of the full migration may change according to the number of entities

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