How to Migrate from to Joomla: Instruction [+Video]


While speaking about the most powerful CMS platforms, Joomla is definitely the respectful one among them. Powerful functional architecture, out-of-the-box operation, original template system all that are Joomla strengths. Nowadays, more and more people want to move their current websites to Joomla to make their web projects look and feel more professional. To make this procedure plain and effortless, today we are going to present you the tutorial guide on how to migrate from to Joomla using aisite migration service.

Make sure, it takes you no more than a few minutes to move all your content directly to your new Joomla website due to the fact that everything is done automatedly and with no software installations at all.

5 Min Video Tutorial for Fast and Precise Blogger to Joomla Migration

Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. Create an Account

If you are ready to start your fast and secure migration right away, just go to and register your account. Also, you may login via your Google+ or Facebook account.

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2. Provide Details

Now, to proceed with the next step, you have to choose your current CMS platform and specify the URL (in our case it will be Blogger)

How to Migrate from to Joomla: Instruction [+Video]

3. Specify Joomla Website

Here you have to provide your Joomla website details. Choose Joomla platform as a target one and enter its URL in the provided field. After that, you will have to establish the connection between your current and new websites. aisite migration service gives you two options for doing this: installation of a Connector Bridge or a Connector Extension. Let’s see how it work.

By clicking the “Download Connector Extension” button, you will be asked to save the file to your local computer. It will be saved in a zip format containing aisite-connector-extension folder.
How to Migrate from to Joomla: Instruction [+Video]

Your next step will be to upload the aisite Connector Extension to your Joomla site. Go to Extensions on your admin dashboard choose, the previously saved zip file from your computer, and click Upload and Install button.
aisite Connector Extension
Click on the extension and log into aisite. Now you can proceed with your migration.
Connector Extension

4. Perform Demo Migration

To see the service at work, you are given a chance to run Free Demo Migration and preview how your ex-Blogger website will look like on a new platform. Choose what data types you wish to migrate, select additional options if needed and get the migration going.

How to Migrate from to Joomla: Instruction [+Video]

5. Complete migration to Joomla

If you are completely satisfied with the Demo Migration results, your final step is to start the Full migration. During this procedure, all the entities will be migrated directly to your new Joomla website in a few minutes. Choose the insurance plan, check the price and press “Complete Migration” button.

How to Migrate from to Joomla: Instruction [+Video]

6. Check the Migration Result

When the full migration is done, you will receive the email notification with the link to your new website. That is the process of your successful Joomla migration.

How to Migrate from to Joomla: Instruction [+Video]

List of Supported Entities to Joomla items

So, don’t put off your rapid website improvement, migrate Blogger to Joomla with aisite and don’t leave any chance of data losses. Just set up your free Demo Migration and make sure there are no limits that can stop your website growth.
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