How to Migrate to Automately? Full Scoped Guide

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WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular way of building a website. But when it comes to choosing WP as a web-home for a project, people are bombarded with tons of information where and seem like two different notions. In this article, we will decide whether there is a need to migrate to fully hosted and try to answer the following questions:

  • VS – what is the difference?
  • In what cases shall one choose
  • How much does it cost to run a website on a fully hosted type of WordPress?
  • Is it possible to move the current website to the hosted WordPress?
  • What is the fastest way to migrate content to

Let’s go! The following information is supposed to be useful if you have at least some “relationships” with WordPress.

What is the difference between and

The key difference between and lies in control, hosting, in other words. All WordPress software is located at, which actually is a free open source CMS. What does it mean?

  • If you download WordPress from – you host it. You supply it with your own hosting provider and start using it with your website. This type of WordPress gives you lots of flexibility as far as it’s a self-hosted WordPress.
  • in its turn isn’t something totally different. It’s the same platform, but with hosting service included. That’s why it’s called fully-hosted WordPress. Actually, is based on, but there’s no need to download any additional software. You just sign up for a and have a live website right away.

When shall I use and how much it will cost?  

At first sight, fully-hosted WordPress looks quite limited: no plugins, no themes, except the ones offers and no backend code. But with there’s no need to worry about purchasing hosting and website maintenance.

As for the price of having a website on a fully-hosted WordPress, there are two options to choose from.

  • The free plan lets you have a website with up to 3 GB of data along with a subdomain – it looks like Note that within Free plan ads are included.
  • If you decide to get more powerful features, you may choose one of the paid plans. Be ready to pay from $3 to $8 for a personal website and $8 to $45 for a business or online store per month.

In short, if you are a complete novice in WordPress but want to make sure that it’s really top platform – fully hosted WordPress is just the ticket! It costs you nothing, and after using for some time you can decide whether to switch to open source WordPress or not. Still, real experience is the best help while decision making, isn’t it?

How to move content to and is it possible to do it in an automated way?

Content is the most precious thing any website has. If you are running a website on another platform but because of that attention around WordPress, want to switch, of course, the first thing you are afraid of is losing your content.

As far as aisite is one of the most trustful service offering fully automated forum and website migrations, we did our best to provide you with a possibility to migrate content to the fully-hosted WordPress. 

Follow the instruction below for successful and fully automated migration to

migrate to

  • Choose your current CMS platform from the dropdown menu and provide the URL of a website you want to migrate. Press “Verify Connection” button.

migrate to

  • From the dropdown menu, select WordPress as a target CMS platform and choose “Migrate to aisite Test Site” tab. Again, press “Verify Connection” button.

migrate to

  • Now, you have an opportunity to indicate what entities you want to be migrated and to try Free Demo migration. It will cost you nothing, but you will be able to see how the service works.

migrate to

  • Free Demo Migration is done. Here you can compare the previous appearance of your website and the new one. There is a Link, Username and Password to the back-end of a Test site. Remember, this is an approximate sample.
  • in case you are satisfied, select ‘Complete Migration’. After this step, the .xml file with all of your data will be created.

migrate to

  • To get the .xml file with your newly migrated data, you will need to reach our support team. Please, press here to contact us[cms-chat-link-replace] and we will send you the .xml file.

Now, having the .xml file with all content in it, you are fully armed to perform migration to To do this, you have to create a website on a fully hosted WordPress. In case you already have one, feel free to scroll down the following points.

Well, to create a website on – do the following:

migrate to

  • Create an account or log in via Google;

migrate to

  • Choose the niche of your future website. (You can change it whenever you want);

migrate to

  • Give your website a name;

migrate to

  • Start typing a domain name and after that will suggest you some options of suitable domain names;

migrate to

  • Pick a plan for your website. There are both free and paid plans. Get familiar with the main features and choose which appeals to you most;

migrate to

  • That’s it. Now you are an owner of a fully-hosted WordPress website.

migrate to

You are one step away from the final migration to Let’s do it right now and let the journey begin!

  • On the admin panel of your newly-created site, find “Import” section. As far as we are moving content from the .xml file which was downloaded from WordPress, choose “Start import” next to WordPress.

Please, note that only posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus, and custom posts will be moved as far as not all the entities can be detected by WordPress.

migrate to

  • Upload the .xml file with your content to the provided box.

migrate to

  • When the file is successfully uploaded, press ‘Continue’ to start the content import.

migrate to

  • You will be able to track the success of import right on the screen;

migrate to

  • When the content is successfully moved to, you will get an email notification with a link to your website with all content on it.

migrate to

Summing Up

I really hope that you’ve already found the very CMS platform for running your web-project. And no matter whether it’s WordPress or something else, if you feel comfortable and all your needs are met – this is wonderful.

But still, if you are dreaming of working on WordPress platform, aisite is here to make your dream come true. Fast, accurate, safe and what’s the most necessary fully automated content migration. Move your data to and become a part of a huge and user-friendly WP-family.

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