How to Get a Date With Johnny Depp or XOOPS vs WordPress

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Let’s rewind for a while and imagine that you’re trying to get a date with Johnny Depp. Beyond doubts, it may be complicated to pretend. Though, do it anyway and get into this sweetly tempting dream. Face the fact: he’s immaculate, single, has plenty choices. Now, if you desire to impress him, what’s going to be the perfect plan?

You’re probably wondering, how does this apply to XOOPS CMS and WordPress solution. What’s the connection string here? Simple – online visitors are the Johnny Depps of yours. Hence, the websites they decide to stay or leave – are all of your concern. Keep in mind that they’ve got way more alternatives and options than you’re most likely to assume. So, it’s your job to captivate and seize them.

The majority of site owners end up underestimating the CMS solution for their projects. They tend to choose a certain piece of software not delving to the point of things. Whether it’s WordPress, or XOOPS solution – for them, it doesn’t really matter. Once tried – they just don’t know the way to progress. However, the reason why any site’s not working in the illusively forethought scenario – lies from the very start.

Without thinking twice, once glimpsed across main features, XOOPS CMS seems seductively worth trying when comparing with WordPress. Though, before composing any plan and fastening conclusions – let’s reach into the stats:

in fact, if taking the popularity of these 2 variants, we see that XOOPS CMS shares not more than 0.1% of global share, while WordPress does 50%. Another study found that the last one is used by more than 60% of website builders, meanwhile XOOPS web solution – far less than 1%.

Either way, what is the X-factor reasoning XOOPS users to switch for other options? The answer it’s quite easy. In fact, the performance of this platform is all leading down to modules installation. However, the main obstacle here is that the documents for some of them are missing. Therefore, it’s a huge job for the administrators to get them into work. Eventually, it demands a lot of time and efforts to put everything to work. So, why to complicate it all but not to use WordPress? 

Let’s take a closer look at this winning thousand dates web-model and figure out (or at least be trying to) its secret. The alluring WordPress benefits could actually be found in this software’s name. Based on the featured infographics, they are as follows:   

  • W – Wonderful Card Design
  • O – Optimized Typography
  • R – Rise of Material Design
  • D – Digital “Ghost” Buttons
  • P – Personalized UX
  • R – Responsive
  • E – Engagement via Microinteraction
  • S – Scrolling over Clicking
  • S – Storytelling Made Interactive

One way or another, the number of advantages of this online solution is tough to count. As to couple extra pros, it’s thousand times worth minding that WordPress infinitely expandable, community supported and completely free.

So, there you have it. Hopefully, you’ve got the point and made up your decision. In case, it is WordPress – migrate your XOOPS data straight into this option, within 1 free trial date. If everything goes flawless and this piece of software meets your needs – run the ultimate full migration. Luckily, with aisite migration automated service it’s even not a question.

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