How to Choose SEO-Friendly CMS: WordPress, Joomla or Drupal? [Infographic]


SEO, as one of the crucial elements of website management should be planned and thought over during the preparatory phase, instead of catching up with it after you’ve launched the site. That is why, many website owners wannabe’s very sensibly question which of the three: WordPress, Joomla or Drupal is most SEO friendly.

SEO-Friendly CMS Checklist

So what actually is SEO-friendly CMS? You can’t simply say something like “platform A is SEO-friendly, but you should stay away from B, which isn’t”. In reality, SEO-friendly CMS features a complex of elements that make optimising website for search engines easier and more efficient.

The infographics by Aleyda Solis, an international SEO consultant, which we offer to your attention presents you the SEO elements and their components to consider, like: crawlability, relevancy, internal linking and extra functions.

Certainly, for a beginner, it is tough to evaluate the CMS code quality or possibility of setting up redirections. What you can easily see is how well your CMS caters for content publishing with all metadata and tags or how the categorization and images are handled by simply installing and trying it out.

So, which of the three CMSs – WordPress, Joomla or Drupal is the best for SEO? In fact, there’s no ultimately correct answer to this question. Each of these platforms does a great job with SEO, but needs to be ‘tuned” additionally (using multiple available plugins to get the most out of your optimization efforts.

However, even if you’re using the most SEO friendly CMS in the world, it’s not going to skyrocket your rankings, they depend on the efforts you put into play.

Already Running a Website?

If you’ve got a website already, but would like to migrate to a more SEO-friendly CMS, entrust this task to aisite. Whether you’d like to switch to WordPress CMS, convert your site to Joomla, or perform migration to another CMS, be sure – all of your content will be safely transferred to the new destination in minutes, saving your time and efforts.

So, don’t put it off! Set up your free Demo migration right now and move forward to your dream site!

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