How Migration From Blogger To WordPress Transforms Blogging? 7 Cases.

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You probably remember the time, when you thought of blogging and started getting acquainted with it. The first post, the first new visitor, the first platform. A lot of people, who are mastering the art of blogging choose Blogger to be their medium. After some time of getting more experience and growing more ‘adult’ some abandon Blogger for WordPress.

The reason, or more clearly, the reasons are plenty. Though, let us take a detailed look at these 7 cases.

“Renting” or “Owning”?

After you’ve created your Google account, you immediately gain access to all the Google’s services and products, among which you can find Blogger. As it obviously results, the platform is owned by the search engine giant.  At first, such a combination may seem very neat and comfortable – one account and obstacles-free access to Google+, Adsense and other sweet things Google can offer is guaranteed.

Though, you may not know all the truth. As was already said, Google owns Blogger, thus, it owns your blog. The maintenance, supporting, safety and controlling part goes to Google-Blogger. What if Blogger is no more by the decision of Google? That is what to ‘rent’ your blog means. Your the only task here, is to produce content. The rest is up to ‘those, who are above.’

How in this case you may “own” your blog? By performing migration from Blogger to WordPress, where you can take care on your own for the safety, backup, and other maintenance matters. By choosing a domain name (which can be ‘’ but not that typical ‘’) and hosting provider (which grants you more storage space, than Blogger’s 1GB), it’s all up to you, how the blog is managed and when it’s time say goodbye to it.

Enhancing The Functionality

Blogger’s flexibility opportunities end with several gadgets, and simple widgets added to your blog. You can also choose a theme and look through your visiting rankings. That’s it. In future it may be lacking for your blogging endeavors.

With the migration from Blogger To WordPress, you may expand the functionality of your blog. There are thousands of plugins (+45k) and each of them is responsible for such things, as SEO settings, managing, sorting content, spam-control, cache cleaning, (writing ‘etc.’ wouldn’t be enough to continue the list of so random addons).

Consequently, the more your blog multifunctional, the more visitors & their likes it draws.

Besides you can switch your blog to a website, e-commerce store, portfolio or whatever you want.


We would say that Blogger can’t boast with a vast range of the premium-quality templates. On the other hand, we don’t say that it can look bad. All the juice is in the customization capabilities. The only thing you can do to a template is…to change color and layout. That’s it? Yes.

Why WordPress? Again, there are +4k of free themes, along with the premium ones. You can choose, create your own theme and modify it whatever you want with the use of CSS.

Spreading among the masses

Making more people aware of your blog is definitely what you need. Let’s move directly to WordPress as it offers much more expanded options for social media sharing. Here you can connect to social media services you want (you can see the list of available services + you add a new one) to automatically share the content. You can also manage of what and where you want the post to be shared.

Power of updates

Whenever WordPress updates, more people find out that they need to switch to that CMS instantly. For instance, in the last WordPress 4.6 version, among the most notable updates, there were implementing native system fonts and on-a-page themes and plugins update. Clearly that with upgrading the changes come, which make your blogging process better and lighter. Blogger doesn’t update this often and it may seem to be eternally static.

It’s all about money

Making money of blog is tough sometimes, and sometimes is not. The privilege of Blogger is that you could enable Google Adsense and Google Adwords to earn some money. Though, your posts should be constant, clear and caching to draw more people to engage with your blog.

As for WordPress, you can control the process of making money. You can run your own ads, include banners or affiliate links + as was mentioned above, there are plugins, to help you promote your blog and make it more viewable.

Live help

When it comes to the ‘SOS’ message, WordPress is the boss out there, with its constantly expanding community of users with rich experience and ‘codexes’ this CMS has the answers to which Blogger can’t answer with its decent forum and supportive documentation.

You surely could find more advantages of migration from Blogger to WordPress. Would like to add something? aisite will gladly accept a new fresh opinion.

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