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Hi, there! Finally, it’s much-anticipated summertime! Just a few days ago was Spring – that was also exciting and interesting in terms of CMS news. Now it’s time to talk about top 5 Spring articles that were presumed as top popular and worth reading. Enjoy reading.

Top 10 WordPress Tutorials: Comprehensive Overview

WordPress-Tutorials-Comprehensive-OverviewThe first one, refers to WordPress – guru of all CMS platforms. The article doesn’t intend to convince you about the power and superiority of WP over the other platforms. The aim here is simply to present to you Top 10 WP Tutorials which the majority of readers will definitely find useful. Check them, and you’ll be armed with the must-known WP sources, which help you to master WordPress. Overall, the article offers a great possibility for beginners as well for professionals to dive deeper in WP sphere.

Move WordPress to the New Host: Migration Roadmap

WordPress-migration-to-a-new-hostOne of the most important criteria of any website success is the speed of pages loading. In case, it’s more than 5 sec – you’re going to lose your site visitors. With that in mind, aisite offers you such an opportunity as migration to a new host. So, take your time and take look closer at this post – there you’ll also see an easy-to-follow infographic about how to move WP to a new place. Moreover, the article contains pre and post migration DOs which will help to make your conversion error- and trouble-free.

The Hyper Speed of Joomla History

aisite-the-hyper-speed-of-joomla-historyIt’s not a secret that Joomla is one of the most used and loved platforms in the world, due to its rich features and powerful base of extensions and add-ons. But does someone knows something about Joomla history? Starting from the first Joomla steps – the article takes a reader through Joomla development path up to the quint till the quintessence of its being. Read on the post and you’ll know whether Joomla has any skeletons some skeletons in the cupboard or no?

Joomla 3.3. Get Ready To Do More

Joomla-3.3-upgradeIn the era of web technologies – Joomla is improving itself and expanding its boundaries as well, continuously releasing new and more sophisticated versions. Hence, this article contributes to us new Joomla 3.3 unique features and basic functionality. Take a look at this piece of aisite blog, and find out new bright possibilities of Joomla CMS.

How to Migrate HTML to Drupal in Split-Second [Prezi]

prezi-html-to-drupalLast, but now the least article in our comprehensive overview is devoted to HTML to Drupal migration. It’s a well-known fact that currently there are various kinds of CMS platforms, and more and more people prefer to move their static HTML sites to modern dynamic CMS. The post contains prezi, which shows you all-the-way path of automated HTML to Drupal migration.

To Make The Conclusion

Hence, above-mentioned 5 articles are recognized to be the best of springtime. Hopefully, all these posts will help you to be in the know of the latest web news and secrets. Feeling inspired to start with a new platform? aisite offers you such opportunity – just run free demo, check up the migration process in action and make your final decision.

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