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No matter, you are moving to a new apartment, another city, or your company is passing into the new office, such kind of changes are always heartwarming. On one side, you are awaiting something not so humdrum as usual, but, on the other hand, it seems like the insidious wonders – would it be OK, is it for the better. And this feeling is so familiar while speaking about/ the migration from one CMS to another.

Switching between content management system is the procedure, website owners are always trying to avoid. However, the desire to possess something more powerful and advanced makes people run the venture. If you are on the path of migrating your website content to another CMS, you should allow for all possibilities and exclude all the risks. And to be honest, the website migration is not so complicated process on its own, but the only stringent condition of content conversion is the scenario.

So, let’s take a closer look at the migration issues you may stumble upon and demolish them completely.

Website Visitors

aisite-migrate-website-visitorsFrequently, your website users are those who stops you from  your website migration. As the devoted servant, undoubtedly you take care of your site users and don’t want to mislead them with the new location of your website. So, in this case, you should master a few practices that will be of service for your site users.

The first thing is, – you should proceed with your CMS migration, when the number of website visitors is the lowest. So, analyse your website traffic and distinguish the most appropriate time. However, you should also inform your site users about the switch. Alternatively, you may do it in two ways: send the email notifications or just place the banner on

the main page that will inform your users about the migration and also, you may add there the link of your new site, so the users will be able to switch to your new site location directly.

Site Downtime

One more staying reason that makes you think twice before switching from your current CMS to the new one is the fear of long site downtime. With aisite automated migration service, you shouldn’t worry about this absolutely. During the migration procedure, both your sites, current and the new one, will be live. Also, the migration procedure will take approximately 15 minutes.


Website Data Transfer

Now, moving on smoothly to the migration procedure on its own. Previously, it’s recommended to erase all the out-of-date posts, pages. This will help you with the content management on your new CMS. When speaking about the data migration, with aisite, the transfer is absolutely automated and reduced to a few mouse clicks. It’s included such content types migration as: context data, media files, SEO and modules data.

SEO and Ranking

Well, probably the last, but not the least thing is the issue with the SEO data. Starting from the website navigation, you should remember that every CMS has its own URL structure. Thus, automated CMS migration service provides you with the ability to convert internal links in accordance to the new CMS URL formatting structure. Also, you should set up 301 URLs redirect from your current website to the new one. This will inform Google bots about your site new location as well as direct users with no errors. In case you are switching to WordPress or Drupal, aisite offers 301 URLs redirect as the additional option, so just give a try.

So, generally you should focus on such issues as website content migration, connection with your site visitors, and SEO preservation. If you still want to migrate your website to another CMS, follow all the preparation steps and in a minutes you’ll realize that the website migration couldn’t be easier.


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