How to Get Paid from Blogging? 11 Ways to Monetize a Blog

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Many people consider blogging to be a hobby and the “just-for-fun” activity. But is this really so? Can a person who just share the lifestyle, interests, traveling experience an so on make some profit from the written in such a friendly manner texts? The answer is obvious – YES! Remember, he who wants – he gets! Reading the following info, you will learn what are the most common ways to monetize your blog and earn revenue from its running.

Mind that the following ideas varied from easy-to-apply ones to those which demands on-going and devoted work.

Affiliate program

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is probably the fastest and the most effective way for the website monetization. Let’s clear up how it works. You’ve found the product/service which is somehow relevant to your blog and you find it really useful for your readers. On your website, you place a banner or an ad containing your personal affiliate link given to you by that product/service. When the visitor clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you get a kickback. In fact, it’s better to create a separate web page where all the affiliate program details will be outlined.

Use Google services and get paid

Google AdSense is another super functional way to earn money through the blog. Just have a look at how simple its work is. When you signed up, Google identifies what is the theme of your website and starts to generate relevant ads. Each time your visitors click on the offered ads, you earn some revenue. To put it simply, you just agree to be into it, and Google does the rest.

Sell Ad space directly and monetize your blog

This way of blog monetization is quite similar to the one Google AdSense implies. But here no Google as a middleman comes. You have your website; your website has high traffic rate and lots of free space to put ads on. Believe me, if your website is quite a successful one, there will be definitely a business or even two wanted to place an ad on it. And once such “sponsor” appears, it’s you who set the rules. Choose the size and the format of the ad, clarify the price but remain sober in order not to overestimate your web creation and frighten off your ad partner.

Sponsored posts/articles

monetize a blogCalled “native advertising”, sponsored posts became more and more popular with the tremendous rise of bloggers number. Many companies look for blogs which can place positive reviews to their services. This strategy is considered to be a win-win one. Here’s why. You, being a blogger, post fresh and informative content, at the same time praising the strong sides of the service you advertise. But be sure that your review is honest, otherwise, you can lose your reputation forever.

Premium content for a premium user

Have you ever faced the situation when you read such an interesting article and even can’t take your eyes off and here, baaam … “to continue reading, please sign in for the premium version”. It’s another super wise way to get paid for your work. From the first sight, it might seem a little bit egoistic and unfair, but as a rule, people are fine with paying for premium content.

Value for value

monetize a blogIf people like your blog, they want you to continue working on it and give them fresh content. But what if you do not have enough funds to go ahead? Just ask politely for the donations. Explain to the readers that it will do good for both, you, as far as you continue doing what you love, and the audience, because they will enjoy new publications, reviews and everything they like your blog for. Create a special “Donation Button” on your website and let people support you whenever they want.

Create and sell a digital product

monetize a blogThis is an awesome way to monetize your blog. Create an eBook on the topic you are the most familiar with and set it on your website. Every time a person downloads it, you get your 100% revenue.

P. S. Do not make all the eBooks paid, let your audience get some pieces of advice for free.   

Follow your “true vocation”

We all have unique skills and can do smth better than others. Surely, you started your blog for a reason. Whether you are a pet lover, or an enthusiastic cook, or maybe a sports amateur each of these activities can bring you some profit. Of course, you can’t charge money for the content, but you can organize some classes or consultations and give useful advice for a reasonable price.

Create a job board

Setting up a job board on your website is another simple, easy way to collect additional money when people accepting different job offers from various companies or individuals.

Resort to audio ads

This is a relatively new way of the website monetization, but it’s becoming more and more common. If your blog is somehow related to music, this is a perfect way for you to make the profit.

Become an in-demand blogger

Follow your league and do what you can do best of all. People will notice your efforts and will evaluate them in the 100 equivalent.

Final Decision

Now you see that there are so many ways to get paid for your blogging activity. Hope these tips will help you to monetize your website, and you will choose the most successful strategy for your niche website. Have more points to add? Feel free to leave them in the comment section. Btw, in case you like these ways of making the profit but can’t implement them due to your current CMS platform limitations, hurry up to move your blog to a higher level and migrate it to more profound CMS platform in order to achieve greater results as soon as possible!

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