Get a Taste of WordPress Theme [Infographic]

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While the virtual life is filling out with a wide range of web projects, more and more site owners are in quest of alternative ways of making their sites uppermost in the search engines. Everything starts from the choice of the appropriate content management system, then you focus on the eye-catching design solution and, at least, manage the website content on a regular basis. At this point, you should know that the statistics shows that the design is about 62% of success. You know, it’s more than just a beautiful picture of your website, but the many-sided concept:


It is the core point that makes your web project closer to your site users’ needs and wishes. It runs into the way you design your pages, posts, pictures, signs, buttons, etc.


The important thing is to pick up the design that matches your niche. Basically, the theme solution splits into the following theme kinds:

  • cartoons and drawings
  • based on typography
  • textures and patterns
  • retro style


While speaking about the logo for your website, well, it’s kind of choosing your karma. You should do this in a diligent way taking into account colour, shape, size, concept and philosophy in general.

Puzzle of WordPress Theme

So, moving on! If you choose WordPress for your website, you have to be on to the skeleton of your theme. Initially, let’s look through its major parts:

  • Header. Global file that displays headers and navigation.
  • The Loop. (includes 4 .php files) It’s like a brain of your WordPress theme. Actually the loop determinants which page or file should be grab.
  • Sidebar. It usually contains widgets and similar content. It’s recommended to add social media widgets, some site categories, testimonial part, etc.
  • Footer. This part of the website usually includes all the important website pages, for instance, contact information, blog, privacy policy, etc.

Have a look at this infographic to have a clue about the anatomy of a WordPress theme in a very detail which is design by Graphicmedia team.


Thus, now you are aware of the main components of WordPress design. In case, you realize the appetite for an action to migrate to WordPress, then aisite offers to do this in a fully automated method.

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