Game of CMSs: Joomla Dies?

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Dodo bird CMS

Why Dodo? Because it is an extinct flightless bird of which, probably, only zoologists remember now. Today, nearly 3 million websites are being run by Joomla. It seems to be a lot before you get a glance of how many websites chose WordPress (approx. 75 million websites). Besides, the search results for Joomla, compared to WordPress search on Google are going more and more downhill.

Why extinct?

Because no significant improvements have been made for a long time, only the period of decline.

Why “flightless”?

Because functionality seems to be bound and less competitive.

If this wonderful CMS which has lots of pros too, dies out, there will remain a few nostalgia-like “old schoolers” who will only recall in memory good sides of using Joomla and discuss the lost ways of how it could be saved.

In order to not find Joomla in the “Red List of extinct or threatened CMSs”, some changes must take a proper place.

So let’s define the symptoms and try to prescribe a cure for Joomla.

Symptom #1: 

Volunteers – sometimes more harm than good Zoryana Garbar artist of modern art.

It sounds perhaps strange but Joomla’s performance is poor because of volunteers. Actually, there’s no a full-time team which would constantly work appropriately. 

Cure: Hire some responsible guys, who are dedicated to the project and pay them and you will see how everything will get the right turn.

Symptom #2: 

Marketing – Robinson Crusoe level

Forewarned is forearmed. Seems like Joomla doesn’t know about this credo at all, thus you will receive no Joomla announcement e-mails which could contain such important info as news, updating to a new version or some other info which could come in handy. It feels like you’re free-floating to an isolated island, not knowing what is waiting there.

Cure: Put in practice marketing campaigns by hiring the responsible person and try to reach people’s feedback.

Symptom #3: 

Yo-ho-ho and the bottle of Rum!

It is obvious what this line will be about. Piracy, yeah and it is another serious Joomla’s issue. There is no option for buying a license in comparison to WordPress, and it follows, that pirates can illegally sell and spread your products. Commercial developers who once invested in the newly-baked product will stop doing it, because of being unprotected.

Cure: The license purchase should be implemented to fight piracy.

Symptom #4: 

Publicity – good or bad?

When the one is receiving good reviews it’s increasing the self-esteem and confidence but from times to times there also peep attacks of unsatisfied “clients”, who usually ruled by negative emotions can say in comments something not very pleasant for the one’s ears. The similar situation happens when debating over Joomla. The solution is ban – radical but reliable way to scare off people with obvious negative intentions but not the ones who would really like to give you a piece of good advice.

Cure: Negativeness often frightens people off, so comment monitoring should be the key priority. For those who are “mud-throwers”, a ban should be used.

Symptom #5: 

Bugs swarm

Joomla doesn’t have automated testing, so you may wonder sometimes how many bugs in new extensions or add-ons.

Cure: Automation will help check for the bugs and other flaws, before launching or releasing a new version.

Symptom #6: 

Simplicity in using

If you would like to add some additional info or an element, like pictures, hyperlinks or other media to your post in Joomla you will experience what is a real challenge. WordPress is much easier to use in this case. 

Cure: Make important features more simple and comprehensible for use.


If Joomla doesn’t want to become one of an extinct species, there are lots of decisions and actions to be made to bring its previous popularity rates back. In the case of continuing doing nothing, this CMS with a high potential will fall apart.

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