Fine Arts of SMF to phpBB Migration [Infographic]

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Truth be told, failing forward to success shouldn’t refer to the choice of your forum platform. But, if this happened to you – you should get the jitters. There’s always a way to sort everything out. The set of effective practices will help you to get rid of all the migration hassles that you’ll find on the way of your forum data migration. So, keeping to the point, there are more and more people willing to migrate their forum data to phpBB.

And you know, it’s pretty clear! Being the founder of bulletin boards generally, phpBB has become an outstanding solution for running and managing forums for various purposes, no matter for business or personal matters. You may groundly evaluate its fully-featured core as well as create your mods (modifications) that will help you to expand your forum functionality to the very detail.

Interested yet? Let’s take a glance at the infographic below, that will demonstrate you how to migrate your SMF content to phpBB with ease and sound.


What else are you hesitating about? Catch this long-awaited opportunity and move your smf forum to phpBB right now. 

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