The Fastest Solution for Forum Import: MyBB to bbPress Migration Plugin

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Despite the fact that hundreds of social media channels have appeared for the last years, forum boards still remain on the market of places for discussion running. They are not only one of the cheapest way to keep in touch and share ideas, but also a wonderful way to add interactivity to a corporate or business website. If right now you are on your way from MyBB forum board to bbPress, keep reading, and you will learn the fastest way to migrate using a highly productive and fully automated plugin.

Although both MyBB and bbPress are PHP-based forum packages, they have some features which differ.

MyBB is a forum package full of useful and to-the-point features that allow running a forum as easy as it just can be. Especially it prides itself on:

  • being easy to use;
  • having convenient administration control panel;
  • providing a powerful plugin system.

However, myBB has some weaknesses that hold the platform back – such as, hacker-vulnerability and spam management traits. The presence of these features would undoubtedly make the software using much more painful.

bbPress is a forum package with a twist from the developers of WordPress. Pursuing a path of simplicity in everything from site administration to content management – bbPress serves as an excellent platform for online interaction for millions of users all over the globe. But don’t let its simplicity deceive you –  this forum board has got some powerful features underneath all these the gleam. Some other features that capture the users’ attention most:

  • simple integration with WordPress,
  • user-friendliness,
  • a significant number of free plugins,
  • strong security.

MyBB to bbPress Migration Plugin

Have you recognized your forum board in the above-mentioned features? Then MyBB to bbPress migration plugin is your solution! The following infographic shows that all you need to move your forum in a fully automated way is about 15 minutes of your life.

Here you are! I promised that moving your forum with MyBB to bbPress migration plugin will be as simple and fast as never, and I stuck to my word! Do not waste a single minute anymore! Set up Free Demo Migration right now and let the success come to your web creation!

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