ExpressionEngine to Typo3 Migration: the Mystery is Revealed

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While you are still thinking about moving your site from ExpressionEngine to Typo3, thousands of website owners are already doing that. Because there is no limit to perfection 😉

You project grows, and so its ambitions do. You need to keep up with them as well as with market tendentious. Check out this scheme, created  by Similar Tech:


ExpressionEngine is waaaay behind Typo3, it’s less popular among the customers all around the world:


Let’s take a closer look at both platforms, making a solid choice for your site.

ExpressionEngine is a CMS of a commercial type, established by EllisLab. Being similar to WordPress, it’s written in PHP language and uses MySql database. As it was mentioned, EE is a commercial project, though you can download a free ExpressionEngine core with a limited number of functions on their official site. Its main features are the following:

  • highly customizable platform, even more developer oriented one;
  • strong security system
  • sophisticated upgrade process
  • lack of plugins (there are around 20 of them)
  • price is too high for some users
  • no Demo version
  • no ready-to-use templates

Typo3 is a free open-source project, which has a rich range of different features. This CMS is popular for being robust and super secure. Just like ExpressionEngine and WordPress, it’s written in PHP, however, Typo3 is released under the GNU (General Public License). It powers more than 79,000 around the world. The major virtues of this CMS:

  • convenient for both big and small websites;
  • multiple purposes such as online store, image gallery, forum;
  • huge number of easily installed extensions;
  • undoing opportunity: if you made a mistake, just change it back;
  • users with a few kinds of permissions;
  • rich documentation and well-developed community to offer support;
  • full control over the content management;

ExpressionEngine to Typo3 Migration

Now, when all the doubts are eliminated, let this infographic help you out in ExpressionEngine to Typo3 Migration issue. Crack the code in a few simple steps:

Jump on this page to make your Typo3 dream come true! Migrate all of your content from ExpressionEngine, running a free Demo at first. It’s easier than ABC, but you already know that, right?:)

Estimate Your Migration Price

I want to migrate:
Please Enter the Number of Forums
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Migration Price:

* The price of the full migration may change according to the number of entities

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