Expression Engine vs Drupal: Choose the Winner!

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Welcome to the content management system race! Today you are going to discover two powerful platforms and see which is more capable to build an effective and favorable website on. Meet our participants – Expression Engine and Drupal!

Eager to see the winner?  

3, 2, 1 … Go!

Expression Engine: Powerful CMS for all purposes

  • expressive engineCustomizability is one of the strongest sides of this CMS. Expression Engine Channel Module allows you to display the content at any part of the page with any design. Still, it requires the high level of experience, and it depends on the developer how good the parts of the website will work together;
  • Expression Engine is also known for its maturity and stability. It can be used for enterprise work relying on a good performance. Most features are available out of the box;
  • The free version with limited modules and features is available, but doesn’t allow to use most of platforms privileges. Single one-time payment license will cost 299$. A bit heavy price tag.

Drupal: A reliable platform with the enormous availability of resources

  • drupalThe modular, interoperable code gives a possibility to create an integrated flexible system, which can be used for any type of website;
  • The last update of Drupal includes 200 new and improved features, also modules and themes. The newest version also provides better capability and upgradability for contributed modules;
  • Taxonomy of Drupal is a useful element that helps you to target the keywords you have researched at any moment of time;
  • This open modular CMS in completely free. That keeps the community of Drupal enthusiastic developers grow and actively help in building and supporting the platform.


The Expression Engine vs Drupal race is over and… I see the winner! The efficiency of Drupal has won our hearts!

In case you wanted to see how your current website will look in Drupal “clothes”  the infographic will show you how to do the website transfer from Expression Engine to Drupal in a matter of minutes! Check it out and discover how easy and fast it works in an automated way!

Ready to drift and boost your website? Run the Free Demo migration to see how it works!

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