Essential Plugins for Your WordPress Website [Infographic]

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If you know a thing or two about website running, then you have probably heard about plugins and that they are needed to extend the functionality of your site. In other words, you can do almost anything with the help of them.

WordPress has a database of over 26.000 plugins that are available for all its users.  It is not a big deal to find and download one. The complicated thing is to decide which plugins you need for your website and which you don’t. Moreover, if you have too many of them, your site will load slowly. But still, there are some plugins which definitely have to be the part of your web project. So, these are the categories which should absolutely be present in your website life.

  • Cache Plugin
  • SEO Plugin
  • Social Bookmarking Plugin
  • Login Protection
  • Comment System
  • Backup Plugin
  • Maintenance Plugin
  • URL Management
  • Anti-Spam Plugin
  • Security analysis
  • Contact Plugin
  • Plugin Bundles

These categories are described in details in the infographic below that has been presented by Moreover, you will also find out which are the most downloaded WordPress plugins and the most popular at the same time.

In case you are not a WordPress user yet, but have the intention to be one, keep reading. There are some plugins that can be useful if you want to migrate your current website to WordPress. At the present time, you can perform WordPress migration in case you run a site on Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, Tumblr, WiX, HTML or MediaWiki. Using those plugins will make your switch automated, accurate and flawless.

WordPress plugins

So, now you know what plugins you should definitely have on your WordPress CMS in order to run it successfully. Moreover, even if you are not a WP user, you are aware of what plugins will help you to perform WordPress migration effortlessly and fast. All you have to do now is to move your current site to WP and extend its functionality with the help of the plugins.

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