End of Drupal 6: Answers & Options For a New Beginning


Unlike previous Drupal releases, excitement most of which was not quite phenomenal, the buzz around the latest Drupal 8 do not tend to subside. This atypical reaction comes not only from the greatness of the new Drupal version but also from the challenges that it creates. As announced in the Drupal 6 extended support policy, 3 months after Drupal 8 comes out, will come an end of Drupal 6. Without further ado, on February 24th, 2016, Drupal 6 will no longer be supported. Let us first look at what this means for you: 1. There will be no new projects created, documentations written, and bugs fixed around Drupal 6. 2. There will no longer be provided security support and security advisories. 3. There will be no Drupal 6.x core commits available. 4. There will be no project pages supported for all Drupal 6 releases. As a Drupal site owner, you should consider an update to a newer Drupal version, or migration to an alternative CMS. Prior to making any choice, an optimal way would be testing both of the possible scenarios.

If you’re considering in your mind whether the complete change would be worth the trouble, test our migration tool. Before initializing the full convert, you also get a free demo switch to try. Best luck 😉  

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