Ektron vs Joomla. CMS Shootout.

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If you’re choosing a CMS tool to settle your web project on – you’ll have hundreds of options, from free one to those costing thousands of dollars. In case you’ve narrowed the list down to Ektron vs Joomla and find it difficult to make a decision between them – you’ve arrived.

Providing all the necessary tools to create eye-catching websites and make those websites run successfully, Ektron and Joomla have earned the love and loyalty of large communities all around the world. The fact that Ektron currently holds #17 position in the CMS category while Joomla is #3 doesn’t mean that Ektron has poor features or limited abilities. On the contrary, the application allows to handle extremely powerful websites, intranets and extended web projects. Keep reading the post to know how to pick the right-your-size CMS between them.

Why Choose Ektron?

Being the platform of choice for more than 3,800 global companies, Ektron provides its users a cutting-edge software solution that gives them all the tools they need to build, deploy and manage enterprise-scale, global websites. Major global brands and companies have chosen the platform due to the numerous
benefits that it offers:

  • Ektron provides its users with WYSIWYG content editor. No matter they are high-skilled experts or total non-tech savvy, this editor makes it possible to update a website anytime and anywhere.
  • Ektron CMS mobilizes a website so that it responds properly on all channels, namely smartphones and tablets.
  • Ektron CMS makes a website search engine friendly allowing the leading search engines index the website without the need to edit or change HTML codes of the site for that.

Despite all the benefits associated with Ektron, there is one roadblock to unleashing its power – the price. It’s not open source CMS solution, that means that the budget issue is not out of the window.

Overall, if you want a powerful and complete business solution – then Ektron should be high on your consideration list. Therefore, if you are ready to spend a fortune (Ektron starts at $15,000) – Ektron is a way to go.

To WordPress Or Not to WordPress?

In case you feel a bit disappointed with your current Ektron-powered website and feel uncomfortable with its maintenance – stick with open-source CMS, Joomla, for instance. It is currently miles ahead than Ektron providing an extremely powerful and mature platform, capable to fulfill even the most forward-thinking expectations of individual users and large companies as well. Let’s outline a couple of nice-to-know features
of Joomla that put the platform a step forward and make it much more popular if compared to Ektron.

  • It’s open-source solution that means there are no costs associated with downloading, installing, and upgrading the platform.
  • It’s one of the most popular and talked-about CMS options in the world. Relied upon by over 50 million sites, Joomla is currently listed as the second most popular and downloadable after WordPress.
  • It’s highly customizable. Providing everything from extensions to modules, the platform can more than help to enhance your Joomla website performance.
  • Designed for anyone, not just developers. The platform serves a good option for both experts and non-tech savvy alike.

Conclusion: Ektron vs WordPress

ektron_vs_joomlaWhat this all boils down is that there is no an exact answer and a great deal of buzz surrounding Ektron vs Joomla is going back and forth in the sphere of CMS market. Overall, the final decision will depend on your goals, technical skills, budget and what you need your site to be able to do in the end. Therefore, take your time to carefully examine all above-mentioned issues and make the choice that suits your website needs perfectly.

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