How to Effortlessly Convert phpBB to MyBB Forum in a Few Steps

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Created a phpBB forum and want to improve its performance? There are some ways for doing so, one of them is migrating it to a new home! Lots of reasons can be found for changing your forum platform.  However, if you’ve made a definite choice and wish to perform the transfer the fastest and easiest way possible, follow this article and get to know how to convert phpBB to MyBB in just a few steps!

Before examining the migration process in details, let’s take a look at these two bulletin boards to analyze your choice. Both of them being open-source thus free projects have plenty of things in common. Both are considered to be old birds in the web world, both have some of the features they can boast about.

phpBB is forum software, written in PHP. It supports multiple database engines, such as PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL and Oracle Database. It possesses a flat message structure, there is an opportunity to create a few user groups, add multiple attachments to forum posts. Also, you may find some of its MODs useful to expand your project functionality list.

However, with some pros come a few cons as well. For instance, though, phpBB is a pretty robust forum, it requires impressive technical knowledge to use it. It takes some time to “climb” its learning curve, plus you’d need to enforce your coding skills while adding MOD or implying template.

MyBB is a user-friendly bulletin board, also based on PHP language and operating on MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite database systems. Additionally, a database failover opportunity is included in its functionality as well. MyBB is a quite simple forum, it requires practically no coding knowledge as well as training to get started and run the project properly.

More of MyBB features which will leave you speechless:

  • newbies-convenient admin panel
  • tons of plugins to expand your website functionality with
  • neat themes to customize the forum design according to your needs
  • multiple languages support

Convert phpBB to MyBB

Well, ready to make a big move? Then, here we go! Examine this presentation to get a fully-fledged guide on how to convert phpBB to MyBB forum in just a few steps.

So, what do you think about the process? Super easy, right? Don’t waste your precious time then and set up the migration from phpBB to MyBB now! Mind that completely free Demo is available to run first 😉

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