Is It That Easy to Publish with eZ Publish: In-depth Review

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eZ Publish is mostly cherished by its users all over the internet. People claim that it is highly customizable and the updating content mechanism is literary second to none of the existing. Though, I deliberately implemented “mostly” in the very first sentence. As while using eZ Publish, you may meet some obstacles on your happy-ever-after website story. Though I don’t consider it’s a bad platform to use (since there are no good or bad guys among the CMSs), it may simply not meet your requirements…Want to know what I mean? Then follow the lead of the eZ Publish in-depth review.

Platform with a twist

eZ Publish was created by eZ Systems company. It is written in PHP and may operate on MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server database, just like its fellow CMSs. But what the eZ Publish “thing” is? Though, it’s an open-source platform, (read: comes with no charge to download and install), eZ Publish offers a few subscription options such as Enterprise edition, for instance. Choosing this option, you end up being backed up by a support team of developers who deal with virtually any problem you are faced with. The famous saying claims: there are three things you can watch forever: fire, water, and other people working instead of you. That’s exactly what you are going to do: lean back and observe other people dealing with issues which supposedly should have burned your mind…if of course, you have enough money. There are different types of Enterprise subscription starting from around 18,500 per year with various opportunities included.

The inside stuffing

Beside the exclusive supporting option, eZ publish possesses a few cards in the pocket to surprise you with. First of all, it enables the cross-domain tracking. It means that you can record and analyze data from two different interrelated websites within one session and keep up with the traffic on both of your sites with ease. Another neat opportunity eZ Publish offers you is editing posts straightaway on the pages. It makes everything easier, doesn’t it? No need to go to the special section and make changes there. But the coolest eZ Publish feature is different kinds of API implemented, like Public and REST ones. APIs virtually deal with managing the pieces of content you’ve created or are about to create on your website. It plays the role of linking element between a user with a device and a server. Thus, it simplifies the process of sharing information and performing actions quicker and more effective.

Rocket science or CMS managing?

eZ Publish is an exceptionally sophisticated platform. It is its most significant drawback and advantage at the same time. Imagine that you have an enormous playing room with plenty of video games zones, table-tops, arcade machines and so on, in front of you. But the very minute you want to open the door and make a step into to enjoy every opportunity it gives you…turns out it is closed tightly. To unlock this door, you would need to get not a regular key, but a hammer or an ax. That’s exactly how eZ Publish looks to regular users with no special PHP expertise and developer background: storage of opportunities with no option to use it.

Plus eZ Publish weighs a tone! Its size is tremendous in comparison to WordPress or Drupal. The eZ Publish community is not very widespread, thus some fewer people could help you while having problems with your site development if of course, you refuse to get a paid support help included in Enterprise package. eZ Publish lacks a reliable communication system between users and the assistance team. But this is essential to improve since it is noticeable at first glimpse. When it gets to eZ publish versions, some people may get confused. Especially after the newest version was released: is it still eZ Publish or something new? Am I able to upgrade it with ease? Some of those questions remain unanswered.

Summing up

eZ Publish is a neat platform with plenty of possible customizations to enforce. It is robust and gives you an opportunity to create a powerful multilingual website. You would need nothing more, if….it didn’t have lots of “if’s.” If you are an experienced developer, if you have enough money to allow yourself an Enterprise package, if you are not afraid of an extremely steep learning curve. Too many of those conditions, don’t you think?

In case you run a simple website or blog for a small, middle-size business or non-profit organization, there are more beneficial solutions to take into consideration: like Drupal, WordPress or Joomla, for instance. They all are open source as well, they are customizable and have huge community support.
Made up your mind regarding migration from eZ Publish? Try out aisite, an automated migration service, and switch your website in a matter of minutes. Since there is no need to download any software or perform a tedious procedure of copypasting, you have nothing to worry about. Don’t pass by the option of free Demo to get a sneak peek of your renewed web project.

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