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The comparison between e107 and Joomla abound on the Internet and those comparisons usually generate a bit of heated debate. Look through the post below and find out what CMS reigns the highest and how to migrate across them in the easiest and most affordable way.

E107 is brilliantly developed CMS system which gives you a totally dynamic website “out of the box”. It’s open-source (free), easy to install, highly-customisable and packed with tons of excellent features and tools. In case you wish to expand the functionality of a website below its original purposes – there is a gazillion of plugins and themes available. Apart from the advantages associated with the platform, e107 has its disadvantages, which make Joomla a better choice:

1. It is complicated to work with in case you have no programming background.
2. It doesn’t integrate properly with other CMS systems.
3. It is slower than other CMS platforms.
4. It is not so SEO friendly.
5. There’s no active community to ask for help in case you got stuck.

Overall, e107 has mediocre website performance, not so professional one. Consequently, if you’re happy with what you get “out of the box” – it’s great. But in case you want to customize and expand it – it becomes really difficult without programming experience.

Joomla, alternatively, has been awarded as the Best PHP Open Source CMS. It has grown from a limited platform primarily intended for content management or blogging, to a hugely capable framework with thousands of extensions. The platform provides enough functionality out of the box to create more advanced and complex websites (like networking communities, portals, intranets, complex websites, and even online stores). The software bills itself as well-established and trusted – millions of websites all over the Internet are settled on it. Comparing to e107, the platform is significantly easier to work with – therefore, both newbies and experts alike can take a full advantage of it. Generally, Joomla’s code base allows for a diverse range of solutions and generally is better positioned in terms of future development.

In short, if you like to have a bit more than a blogging system and a bit less than a oversized enterprise solution that require a lot of expertise – Joomla is certainly the way to go.

Want more? Check up this infographic and get known all the tips and tricks of successful migration from e107 to Joomla. Interested yet?

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