Drupal Vs WordPress: How Personalization Can Regain Its Swagger

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If you’re a website owner where users are intuitively divided into different interest groups in the same field you’re engaged in, there must be the way to make your content equally suitable for each one person present in your website. How to meet your user’s/client’s needs and go directly to the ‘making a deal’ part? We’ll discover the current topic taking into consideration 2 leading CMSs – Drupal vs WordPress and their personalization tools.

How does personalization help you?

When it comes to defining client’s needs, it’s important to know their background and preferences. Based on visitor’s geography, type of browser they use, a business they’re related to and what they’re looking for at your website, website owners apply different appearance of their website for each visitor. For instance, users in Australia and in Belgium may see the same website in a different way. All of these actions are aimed to improve conversion and reach more people.

As you can see, knowing the ‘basics’ about your client makes it easier to think over specifically targeted content strategies.


Drupal (Acquia Lift)

What is Acquia Lift first of all?

It’s a platform which allows you to manage the process of targeting your website data to a specific client persona by tracking users and attributes. It helps you to do a really detailed ‘research’ in the preferences of your visitors.

Acquia provides the opportunity to run the analysis of not only the visitor’s profile but their interests and actions on the website. To increase such activities on your website, like subscription, registration or purchasing, after the analysis, the tool furtherly delivers the personalized content to each user differently in an automated way.

Here you may customize how the content, like introduction videos, interaction links, banners with a special offer, etc. would look for the different types of audience.

As you might think if it’s of Drupal origin and related to this CMS, it doesn’t  necessarily mean that your website should run on Drupal (though, such an alliance would be indeed the ‘Atlas’ one). Apart from this,  Acquia Lift can integrate with your current platform with no special efforts.

According to Drupal’s father, Dries Buytaert, recently they launched a new version of Acquia Lift. What the current version of the tool offers you is the content and intuitive interface in the form of peeping out sidebar when you need it. The opportunity to drag and drop data wherever it’s needed to be placed on page significantly enhances the workflow. Acquia also shows you the content from your different websites with the opportunity to drag content from one type of website to another. This personalization service also allows you to set which content will be displayed and which is not.

Here’s represented a small demonstration part of how Acquia works.
Resource: Dries Buytaert


Personalization in WordPress

Here the process is a bit different since there are lots of plugins which you can apply to your website. Though, we’ve found the most prominent one and intensively used, which is ‘InSite by Duda’.

We’ve found that this plugin is quite intuitive and effortless to use. If your CMS to be is WordPress, choosing this plugin would be a powerful combination.

Why this plugin is so useful and handy?

Here you can ‘trigger the actions’ where ‘actions’ are personalization elements, like notification bars, popups, special effects, videos and more. ‘Trigger,’ in its turn, is a method of initiating these ‘actions’ according to the defined time visitor came to your page, location – where does this visitor come from, device – what type of technology does this visitor use (like mobile, desktop or tablet). Another unique feature is the ability to create your own ‘action’ with the help of JavaScript, which makes the plugin highly flexible.

All the screenshots were borrowed from: InSite by Duda WordPress plugin page



As you can see, InSite provides you with the opportunity to choose and create any type of feature you want for your website.



Adding the new content and ‘special offer’ feature



Popup creation



Notification Bar creation



Editing location



Editing time


Hence, the same as Acquia Lift, InSite might be considered as ‘automated’ personalization solution.

To sum up the comparison of ‘Drupal vs WordPress personalization tools’, we can say that both solutions will advertise and make your website prominent for any type of visitor, and will help you to do more actions and engagements virtually.

Considering that personalization options in WordPress will suit you better than those which can be gained in Drupal, or vice versa? Try migrating your CMS first and get to know the vast horizons of new opportunities.

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