Drupal to WordPress Migration: Secret of Success [Prezi]

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While speaking about the CMS leaders, Drupal and WordPress are those which come to your mind first of all. Both of them are extremely popular and have lots of followers all over the world. But, on the other hand, this choice a baffling problem for those who wish to develop a website. As it is really tough to make a decision between Drupal and WordPress.

It is common knowledge that Drupal is well-known website creation tool that is used for creation complex websites, networking community, e-stores. It possesses robust security system and advanced functionality. Though for inexperienced users it’s quite time- and resources-consuming to create a site based on Drupal as it requires strong coding skills. WordPress, alternatively, is an open-source CMS for personal blogs, websites, multiple web projects. In contrast to Drupal, WordPress is an user friendly platform and even a newbie can manage it with ease. And what’s more important WordPress doesn’t vail its functionality to Drupal.

Make the Decision

You need to consider all pros and cons to decide in a favour of Drupal or WordPress. So, check up this prezi to scrutinize your overview about these systems. Moreover, in a few minutes you will know how to perform Drupal to WordPress migration in the blink of an eye.

So, now you are armed with the necessary information about Drupal to WordPress migration. Furthermore, from now you know how to switch to WordPress quickly and safely. Hence, make your final decision and enjoy the results.

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