Drupal to WordPress Migration. Crossing the Border of 140 m Downloads

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Which downloads? WordPress downloads. When taking a look at the statistics, it’s seen as a broad daylight that WP prevails greatly over Drupal, first of all in usage (WP powers ~7 m websites compared to Drupal with its almost 800k websites). Drupal to WordPress migration is getting implemented more and more. How can such a phenomenon be explained? If it’s said that Drupal is “one size fits all” but at the same time, WP which was created as “a blogging tool only” reaches its peaks.

Let’s investigate this case together.

Probably the most repeatable word right now. Though, “easy”

As you’ve guessed, we’re going to consider the simplicity in use first of all, as it really matters. Why do you think people find how to exploit things that at first seem to be incomprehensible? Because they seek for an alternate solution which soon turns to be mainstream. The result of this is that more and more people of any age get to know and use this solution slightly.

This can also correspond to why some users abandon static websites and choose CMS. Moreover, why when in the realm of CMSs choosing plainer in using platform and implement Drupal to WordPress migration?

Getting acquainted

The reason of WordPress domination is exactly because of seamless website building and then further maintaining. From the very roots, WordPress offers you clearly comprehended interface, everything you need is looking right at you. Getting familiar with creating and changing in WordPress is a few clicks matter only. WordPress provides you an opportunity to build a website, a blog or an online store using understandable WYSIWYG editor. If you’re beginner then with WP you will quickly become a pro.

As for Drupal,the installation process is simple as in WP. As in WordPress it only takes 5 mins. Though, customization of Drupal back end seems like not being so. (Which is another ‘because’ to ‘why Drupal to WordPress migration is performed’). You can easily add data here, but changing it will be a bit confusing. You would probably need a bit of coding knowledge. The truth to say, Drupal is oriented more for developers or developers-beginners.

Thus, to learn Drupal it may cost a considerable amount of time and efforts for a newbie.

The Core Is In Functionality

The battle here is a harsh one probably. All the WP power is concentrated in its plugins and community. On the other side, Drupal can be multifunctional too, since it’s not only CMS but a CMF(content management framework) also which allows you to manage and create your applications.

Though, let’s get back to why more people use WordPress.

As was already mentioned addons in WordPress can supply you with everything you need, it’s security, SEO, backup, speed, etc. There are nearly 45k of your little friends-plugins, who make up the backbone of your website. In fact, extensions give you flexibility, with which not only website or blog is built, but also an e-commerce store or service or a portfolio website.

Themes here look professionally-like enough, there are nearly 4k of free themes, though you can get much more with paid themes.

If your business requires plain but one of a kind solutions, moreover, quick solutions, get to know WordPress.

Another reason of Drupal to WordPress migration performed concerns updates. If WordPress gets upgraded, there’s no reason to worry about it, one- click update and everything continues working. In Drupal, you have to do things manually with the help of your developer brains. It’s because there might be modules incompatibility and your website might go down.

The Green Ones (Costs)

Since there are more WordPress users, there are more services, which provide all the required help to make your website more public. In the result there are more WordPress specialists, this creates an atmosphere of competitiveness and prices establishment and variations. (In total you can spend from 150$ to 5,000$ or higher)

Which we can’t say about Drupal, there are fewer professionals who read Drupal like a fairy-tale book. Thus the expenditure may be a bit scary (900$ to 15k$ and higher).

I want to hear those three words: Search Engine Optimization

Regarding SEO, let’s face the truth – both WordPress and Drupal can be equally searchable good enough. Though there is one thing to be said, with WordPress, it’s easier to set SEO options by installing one of so random abundance of plugins.

What can be said in the end? Each platform is unique in its own performance and functionality processes. Each can give you an equal amount of possibilities, though with WordPress you might get this amount a bit faster. With aisite, you can perform Drupal to WordPress migration wasting no special resources or money, or health 🙂

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