Drupal to WordPress Conversion: Cut It Fine

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Since you are interested to read about a convert from Drupal to WordPress, you either are going to proceed this switch believing that your CMS is seeking for some changes, or looking at the far perspective of this move. One way or another, (congrats) the thought of Drupal CMS migration is from this moment on to question up your mind. No matter which reason is yours, you are at the right place.

Before starting to deem how to migrate right and whether to use the automated transfer, let us first of all dwell on some of Drupal and WordPress comparison because it is exactly what defines the turning point of your switch.

Ease as Piercing Nerves Determiner

why-drupal-is-so-complicatedThere are many aspects to take into account when operating your CMS. Along with its functionality, you should also think about facilitation and how to do things faster, minimizing your efforts. Though there’ll very likely come a time (in case it has not yet happened) – you will face the need to post your content, edit and completely change data in a matter of minutes. Needless to say that having the possibility for it simply to happen will only make your CMS better.

The point of good CMS determiner is its gain of not to tense by needless and excessive weight, so that because of which you have to do things loads of times more tough than they really are and can be turned to be. The more easy it is from the beginning, the longer you will be able to do without migration and the switch related thoughts. What is true (and personally inspected) about WordPress, is that sticking to this CMS usually takes significantly less time and effort if compared with Drupal.

Why Drupal CMS Requires Super Sweat

It takes much time and costs a lot to gain some basic programming and coding skills, and so does running Drupal-based web project. In case of having the required knowledge, Drupal is an immaculate option. Conversely, if not to have ones you’ll continuously remain to read alike articles and content you are doing now. Apart from identifying problems, you need the expertise to troubleshoot them. When your site grows beyond the average basic blog or a small business page with Drupal, another potential concern to overcome is your investments on technical support, which are not promising to be low ones. You will have to deal with paying for fixing your website problems as long as you do not have the skills to resolve them singly which does not sound like fun.

Bottom Line

We know you’re most likely to be heard the standard differentiations of Drupal and WordPress for loads of times, so not to tense you with the already proceeded notions, we simply attach our pre-posted materials for less familiar readers to go through:

1) Why to Make the Switch?[Prezi]

2) How It Works [Tutorial]

3) Migration Guidance [Video]

If you do not desire to obtain required tech background, the need for Drupal to WordPress migration will sooner or later arise. Since you are already thinking of this switch, this time has surely come.

In case that you desire to foresee for free your site on WordPress CMS along with your already published Drupal data – go on with our trial switch.

Please mind that we do not migrate design – it is the only thing which is left for you to reproduce from scratch.

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