Drupal to Joomla Migration: Aspect of Comparison

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Much has been said and written both about Drupal and Joomla. Their differences and superiority have made the subject of many heated discussions. This piece of writing is not a persistent opinion imposed but a text for those who decided to change Drupal for Joomla, no matter what their reasons are.

If you are still on the fence about the migration and wonder what the difference between them is, be sure to find some clues that would probably help you arrive at a decision in this article.

The two platforms under consideration seem to do the same. The truth is that they do offer almost the same, as you use the service for one purpose, to build your website and make it look and function as good as possible.

Drupal is the heavyweight of CMS comradeship. As a true titan, it is capable of upholding heavy monster websites having 2000+ pages and tens of thousands of articles. It does not forget to help you with the data mass and mess by providing all the necessary options. The sad thing is, Drupal has painful updates. The inconvenience is that there is a need to update each of your modules separately. One more upside is the quality of required skills. The CMS has a steeper learning curve if compared to Joomla. That is why Drupal is perfect for a developer but not for a not-so-skilled user.

Joomla, as it has been already mentioned, is more user-friendly. It may be compared to a strong sprinter, able to run fast while carrying some weight. He runs on a track that might have obstacles and curves, but the course is well-defined. Just so does Joomla overcome the bads itself and make your content management extremely convenient. It also offers multiple extensions that will modify your website from the inside. As to coding skills, you’d better have some of them, and ‘some’ does not mean ‘super’.

To cut it short, the final choice between the two CMSs boils down to the load of your website and complexity of its content management. If you decide to go for migration and do not want to spend hours or days copy-pasting, consider doing this via aisite Automated Drupal to Joomla Migration extension. It will save your time and money. Surprised why money? Hiring a programmer would cost more. The presentation below will tell you more about the automated migration and explain all the whys and hows of it.

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