Drupal and WordPress: Friends or Foes? [Infographic]

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‘Who’s gonna say that WordPress and Drupal are friends?’ – This must be the question appearing in your mind now. Yes, in the current surroundings, given the great number of addicts for each of the platforms, the competition between them seems a natural thing.

In fact, however, these platforms are hardly fierce competitors, as they’ve got quite different target audience. WordPress caters – first and foremost – for users with little or no technological background. It is very easy to use and functions well right out of the box. It doesn’t mean that seasoned developers don’t use WordPress – it’s far from being true.

With Drupal, the situation is opposite. This CMS (or, being more exact – CMF) platform is most targeted on developers who know their way with code. Out of the box, it requires additional settings to start workinig in the most convenient way. Plus, the learning required to master Drupal is quite significant, so this would hardly look good to users who’re looking to create a simple site. While this is certainly possible, using Drupal for a blog-like website can be an overkill, this platform can do much more.

Here’s an infographic from Hall Internet Marketing comparing Drupal to WordPress CMS platforms.

So as you can see, this is not the matter of brand or popularity, but rather all is about picking the platform that would fully satisfy your needs and help you make it in the most convenient way.

If you happened to choose the tool which is not quite right for the job, you can easily switch to another one. aisite offers you the opportunity to automatedly move your website content from Drupal to WordPress, or vice versa convert from WordPress to Drupal. The migration is very fast, secure and requires no deep technical skills. Moreover, you can easily try it out with no risk  – just set up the Free Demo migration and see how simple it is.


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