Drupal 8 vs WordPress 4.6. 10 Features For A ‘Top 10’ Website

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The one can’t just simply install WordPress or Drupal and think that half of the website creation process is done. Indeed, you want to know more about what tools would be needed to place your creation among the ‘top 10’ or even shrink the scale to the ‘top 3’. Drupal 8 vs WordPress 4.6. Forget about the clash. Here are simply 5 handy features for each CMS to make ‘like a boss’ website.

Let your website do the ‘roar’. With WordPress.

It seems that with each update WP is growing to be something ‘universally-multitasking-like’. And it’s a big A+. Due to the platform’s flexibility and lightness in use, the beautiful and powerful websites and blogs are created. Among WordPress users are the big ones like Sony, Forbes and eBay Inc.

Say Hi to these Five definitely-your-bro WordPress 4.6 features:

  • Streamlined updates. Installing, updating and deleting plugins or themes is now performed on the page you’re staying in. The progress screen was taken away to make things more efficient. You may enter the plugins or themes directory and instantly install/delete/update them without being redirected to the progress screen. The only requirement is to click a small button above the description of an installing item.
  • Native system fonts. WP 4.6 uses your system fonts, which makes it faster and thus closer to you. It doesn’t matter which device you’re using; the option is adjusted to any. Users who tried the new version already say that it ‘feels like a home’. Don’t you want to find out?
  • Editor enhancements. Content which is in the process of editing or creation gets autosaved every 15 minutes and stored in your browser. In the result, a sudden shut-down accident is not an issue at all, since lost info turns to be swiftly found.
  • A ’Grammarly’ for broken links. As you type a URL, you want to share with the world, WordPress 4.6 checks for its validity. If WordPress highlights the link in red, you’d better check the address to make sure if it’s alive and breathing.
  • Instant translations. The newest language packs are installed for your plugins and themes after they’re available at https://translate.wordpress.org/ . Get multilingual.

As it results, WordPress is more than simply worth to pay attention at in this Drupal 8 vs WordPress 4.6 list of useful features.

Amaze ‘Em All with Drupal 8

Drupal is recognized to be the ‘Hulk’ one. Thanks to this CMS the websites for The White House and Warner Bros’, were created. The platform suits best for building a complex organization, like in corporate and more than medium business websites.

Drupal 8 5 dynamic features for a ‘top banana’ website:

  • CkEditor is in core. This module is responsible for WYSIWYG content editing, which helps to see the result and edit it on the fly. It’s good to know and use it now. Data creation + customization keeps everything you needed neat and handy.
  • Responsive design is what Drupal 8 talks about and does the most. The built-in themes were made to be responsive and adjusted to any mobile device you’re about to use.
  • Twig instead PHP Template. An engine called Twig was implemented in Drupal 8 to make the theme syntax simplified, which enhances the design part.
  • Views is another Knight of the Round Table. A core module too, without which the website creation is rather a tough business. The module’s main task is to let you create and manage lists of content, like displaying a block with 5 recent posts, sort taxonomy differently etc.
  • Quick Edit. The module which provides you with an opportunity to make text improvements and fixing right from the front-end of your website.

La Fin. For this article, but not for your way of choices. Decide which set of Drupal 8 vs WordPress 4.6 functions feels right for you. The doors of migration are always opened with aisite.

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