DNN Software vs. WordPress: to Switch or Not to Switch

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If you are in the middle of choosing a content management system (CMS) and your options are reduced to DNN Software and WordPress – you are in the right place. This article aims to take a comparative look at these two CMS competitors and distinguish which one takes the cake.

Both DNN Software and WordPress are among the most powerful and reliable CMS platforms. They enjoy the fame of being powerful and reliable CMS solutions trusted by millions of users all around the globe. Even though WordPress greatly outnumbers DotNetNuke in the number of followers, the latter still finds its niche, providing the foundation for more than 600.000 websites all over the world.


It is worth mentioning that DNN Software is quite easy to use. However, it still requires at least a basic level of HTML knowledge to properly manage the website. This platform is mostly targeted at enterprises and businesses, giving them the possibilities for broad customization and flexibility. DotNetNuke has closed development process. Paid versions of the platform give its users access to support and various other features. As for the modules, there are about a 1000 and they come at a certain price.


WordPress, to the contrast, is an open source CMS solution that is suitable for a variety of users – from first-time website builders to experienced programming gurus. Launched in 2003, it has developed greatly and became the most well-known content management system out there. One of the reasons for such popularity is its flexibility and customizability – with the help of WordPress you can create a website of any type and complexity. It is also loved for a large array of plugins available to choose from. To be specific, there are more than 53 000 of them in the official plugin directory. Another pleasant bonus that comes with WordPress is its welcoming community. A lot of enthusiasts and developers are ready to share their experience and help resolve WordPress-related issues.

In a nutshell, both CMS solutions provide great possibilities if used in the right context. While DNN Software perfectly suits to large complex websites, WordPress is the way to go for bloggers, artists and smaller businesses.

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