Why You Should Decisively Reject Using Wix

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You’ve definitely seen this ad on the Internet: ‘Build your own website in less than 30 minutes!’ Wix is a website builder that offers its users to effortlessly create a website in a matter of a few minutes. The problem is that launching a great site is more than just adding a few elements to the page and letting it go.

Reasons Not to Use Wix


So, let’s take a closer look at why you shouldn’t use Wix CMS for your website even though it’s pretty easy to create a site on this platform.

You Don’t Own Your Website


When you build your website on Wix platform, only this CMS can host your site. It means, you don’t truly own your website and can’t choose among the other host provider which may come with the much better price, options, and opportunities for your business. You are stuck with the one you are given, end of story!

The moral: ‘Don’t build your home on rented land.’

Limited Flexibility


With Wix, the range of the tools available to use will be rather limited. You’ll be able to utilize only Wix created tools and apps. And even though their list of resources is constantly growing, their flexibility still can’t be compared to the one of for instance WordPress or Joomla.

Unchangeable Design


Once you chose to go with Wix, you have only one shot in theme selection. The biggest drawback of this CMS is that the layout chosen at the beginning can’t be changed to any other afterward. Do you want me to put it another way? Okay then, to say it differently, you are stuck with your current theme, there is no way to change it.


There is more. Due to the fact that Wix is a website builder, its themes bare the same resemblance and are limited in terms of functionality to some extent. Let’s resort to facts and figures. Wix currently has over 90 million users and 500 designer-made templates. Now, 500 may sound like a lot of pre-made templates but with over 90 million users these templates are going to get used a lot. That is said, you must work twice as hard to stand out since your competitors have a similar theme to the one you do.



Wix comes with limited SEO features. Yes, they have a tab that says SEO. Yes, you can add the description to your content, include alt-text in the images, and generate a sitemap. Still, since Wix is a WYSIWYG web builder, there is a lot of coding hiding in the background to be able to offer that service. That said, more coding equals the chance for your keywords to get lost during the Googlebot crawling process.

Ads are Everywhere


When starting with Wix you definitely notice the ads that explain that website has been created with Wix. This can be crucial for your business. The ads can decrease your management rate and brand awareness. Furthermore, these ads create a sense of cheapness in the clients’ mind since they understand that you haven’t invested much in your website. And would you trust a company that has a free website?

It Will Cost You a Fortune


With the free plan, you have Wix branding on your website. If you don’t want the ads to be everywhere if you prefer the domain name to be without a ‘wix’ part in it, and finally if you want to track your stats with Google Analytics,  then you have to pay. Pay a lot.


Premium plans start from $4 and go up to $24 per month. Besides that, additional functionality can be obtained for the extra cost in the Wix ‘app store’.

Final Words


Don’t be stuck with the ‘THIS SITE WAS CREATED WITH WIX.COM!’. You and your business definitely deserve more! Move to the platform which will give you more freedom!


aisite, an automated website, and forum migration service was developed just right for this purpose: TO GIVE PEOPLE MORE FREEDOM AND CHOICE! Migrate from Wix to WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, and breathe the new life into your website!

Сheck out this article to learn more about the migration process!

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