DataLife Engine vs. WordPress: The Game Changer

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Every web project owner strives to make his website successful. One of the crucial factors of the website’s prosperity is the choice of the right-size CMS platform. So, let’s have a look at the two popular options – DataLife Engine vs. WordPress – and figure out why the majority of website users choose the latter.   

DataLife Engine – Secret Possibilities

datalife engine

  •  DataLife Engine is a multi-user CMS platform used primarily for blogs and news websites. It was launched in 2004 by SoftNews Media Group. Basically, it’s focused on the blog and social-media-like website creation, however, the various website management is undoubtedly within its power.
  • DataLife Engine is used for extended web projects and is able to generate a huge amount of traffic. The key feature of this content management system is the low load on system resources. Also, the major advantage of DLE is AJAX technology, that stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. This allows saving the server resources and the loading time of your website.
  •  DLE is a commercial script. The basic 1-year license with one domain costs $59. In case you want to remove copyrights and have technical support, the price raises up to $79 for the advanced and $156 for the unlimited license accordingly. After the purchase, you get the open-source script that may be modified and customized to your wish and purpose.
  •  Users may encounter some security and spam issues using the platform.
  • This platform requires at least basic knowledge of PHP, CSS and HTML, which leads to difficulties of all kinds of to customization. If you decide to change something in the design, layout or output system, you can simply ‘fly out’ of the search engine or crash the entire system.

WordPress CMS Website – Open to the World


  •   Launched in 2003, WordPress nowadays covers 60.9% of market share among other CMS platforms.
  •  Because of its irreproachable simplicity as well as powerful functionality, more and more website owners are creating their websites or migrating to WordPress.
  •  WordPress boasts out-of-the-box functionality and unlimited customization options.
  •  Chasing the ides of user-friendly options, WP is absolutely free to use and is the speed of everyone, whether you are a web management guru or just a simple newcomer.
  •  Furthermore, WordPress offers an endless amount of additional plugins and various theme possibilities. You may choose free or paid solutions to your wish. With WP, you are able to create simple blogs, complex websites, forums and other web pages.
  •  WordPress provides a safe platform for its users, but it’s not considering that hackers won’t break through it. As the most popular platform, it suffers from numerous attacks, so website owners need to be careful about the security.

DataLife Engine vs. WordPress: Conclusion

With WordPress you don’t have to pay for a license and annual updates – everything goes for free. It is user-friendly and doesn’t require advanced knowledge about web development. With the huge amount of free plugins, templates it easy to create a website without experiencing a huge time loss.

In the end, you should choose for yourself whether to make a vault to the new page of your website management life. The choice of a new content management system may be a game-changer, but as it’s said “No guts, no glory.”

In the event you want to migrate your website content from DataLife Engine to WordPress, we’ve prepared step-by-step migration guidance on how to do this properly and with no time and efforts wasting.

Remember – with aisite service you’ll have the opportunities to manage your new website easily in a timely manner!⚔️

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