Converting HTML to Drupal: Complete Guidance Cycle

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While speaking about the website creation, two things come to your mind: HTML web-programming language and CMS platform, for example, Drupal. If you don’t know how they differ from each other then you’d better read this article till the end. Moreover, you will find out the method of automated converting HTML content to Drupal.

Running HTML Website: What Does This Mean?

No doubt that some people are fond of running an HTML website. It gives you stricter control over your site structure, SEO, functions, etc. There is no need to worry about database crashing as there isn’t any. Moreover, the web page will upload faster than any website built on CMS platform as there isn’t extra bloat around your site.

But still, there are those who don’t like managing the static HTML website. Those people have many reasons for this. For instance, it is necessary to have a really deep coding knowledge for running such a website. But even then there is the risk to damage a code structure and destroy the whole site. It is true that you can build a web page of your dream but this will cost you lots of efforts and time. But still, you will never pay more attention to the content of your site because you will be focused on its structure.

Drupal Philosophy

Drupal CMS also requires coding skills but it is far easier to create and manage a website built on this platform than HTML one. Moreover, Drupal provides you with many modules, themes, skins, templates etc, which you can use to make your site look more professional and more attractive for the visitors. With this CMS platform, it is simpler to add some new features to your website, to make some modifications or/and customizations and to completely change the design. Plus, Drupal allows you to concentrate more on your content rather than the site structure.

In Case You Want to Migrate

Those people who are looking for the way to convert their static HTML website to Drupal should know that there are options for them.

Of course, it is possible to perform the migration by yourself, but this is an extremely tedious procedure. Your job is to copy all the HTML content and paste it into your new Drupal website. One more way to migrate HTML website to Drupal is to hire a specialist who can do the copy/pasting work for you. But this is not an appropriate solution to your problem as you will have to waste lots of your time, to make a lot of efforts and to spend a considerable amount of money.

Those who want to perform HTML to Drupal conversion fast and painlessly should know about automated website and forum migration service called aisite. This tool will make the switch flawless and accurate so that you don’t have to be anxious about losing any part of your content. Moreover, with aisite you will enjoy your new website within a few minutes.

How to Perform the Conversion

So, if you want to try aisite online converter, then follow this step-by-step instruction and make your own conclusions.

Converting HTML to Drupal: Complete Guidance Cycle

In case you don’t have your Drupal website live yet, you may try test site and perform the Free Demo Migration to it. So don’t wait up! With aisite automated migration service the new life of your website begins new life right now!

Estimate Your Migration Price

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