Content Management Systems Jungle: Find your Way [Infographic]

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The CMS market is growing rapidly trying to keep up with the demand for turnkey solutions for websites of all shapes and colours – and satisfy all business needs. Basing a website upon a content management system platform has been a groundbreaking decision which now eases the lives of millions of website owners and administrators.

However, the/ versatility of the CMS solutions available may seem overwhelming for a person new to the industry. You need to consider a number of aspects before making the final decision about the CMS you are going to use for the future website.

This infographic from Dot Com Infoway puts together the information about the content management systems. Starting from the concept of CMS, its areas of use and advantages, you also get data on the most popular CMSs on the market (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, TYPO3, DotNetNuke) like their release date, the number of websites the CMS is powering, the quantity of themes available, average maintenance cost etc.

With all the information at hand, choosing the best CMS for your project would be a much easier task.

Even if you happen to own a CMS-based website already, but have found a more viable solution, there is a way out for you. Using an automated CMS migration service, changing your current CMS is swift and straightforward. You’ll be able to move a website data in minutes totally automatically with aisite.

For more details, go to and get ready to meet your brand new website!

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