Content Management System: Definition, Software Details and Everything Else


While the word “CMS” can generally mean a lot of things, in the realm of the web it usually refers to a content management system. Not just a buzzword, a CMS offers a number of benefits to businesses seeking to create a modern and flexible web site.

A web presence is critical for almost everyone willing to keep pace with the evolving modern technologies. It is used to be a difficult task to build a website with the ability to be updated regularly. But rather than using traditional method of rewriting code every time a website needs to be updated – which is time-consuming and cumbersome – many businesses are now turning to CMS to get the job done. Let’s try to clarify what a CMS is and what are the main reasons of using a CMS.

A CMS (content management system) is an application that provides an easy way to organize and manage web content (texts, movies, pictures, links and many other types of content). It puts the control in your hands and allows you to easily and quickly make updates to your site without having to ring the bell of a designer or a developer. Thanks to the advent of content management systems, you don’t need a degree in computer science to create an eye-catching website without slaving over the mountains of code and, what is more, make that website run successfully.

CMSs have risen in popularity due to the following benefits that they provide their followers with:

1. It’s easy for the non-technically minded. In fact, there’s no long training required to master and operate a CMS properly.
2. It allows multiple users. A CMS allows for many people who can have input into a website to publish content.
3. It improves site maintenance. The right CMS may keep itself updated automatically.
4. Design changes are simple. Because the content and design are in separate virtual boxes, you can make design and content changes while keeping the site functional.
5. You’re in control. Instead of being reliant on an external vendor, with a CMS you are in control, with the ability to assign tasks and roles and to check progress at any time.

In a nutshell, without a good CMS it is nearly impossible to manage content and keep a website updated in a simple and time efficient way, and more importantly it may end up costing you more.

Want more? Check up the infographic designed by FATbit Technologies and find the answers to all the questions concerning content management systems.

CMS Infographic

In case you’ve made the right choice to start your online presence with a CMS – have a go with aisite service to migrate across different CMS solutions as error- and stress-free as possible.

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