Conquering New Frontiers: Import bbPress to phpBB

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Forums, forums, forums. People come there to share their thoughts and ideas! I bet that many cool projects wouldn’t start if not for discussion boards. They unite the users who have questions with those who possess the answers, they are targeted to help or look on the issue from another angle. Forums definitely form the important part of the web entertainment and development.

And you should choose the forum software for your project wisely and meticulously. Mind that even if you were tempted to go for a hyped option, like bbPress, there is a way to switch to another platform. In case you’ve grown out of your all-in-one bbPress project, and now want to try something more forum-oriented like phpBB, it’s the right article to land on.

One-forum Band

bbPress is a WordPress baby brother, it is easily integrated with your site, and you may get use of many many plugins in the WP directory to enhance your forum performance. However, being an addon-like project, bbPress has considerably limited functionality in comparison to standalone projects. It wins when it gets to multitasking, but loses when it needs to be a robust forum. Plus, it may sound a bit crazy but not by WordPress alone, right?

What else can scare you out from running your forum on bbPress:

  • managing both site and forum when you only need the last one can be tedious;
  • no multiple language packages available;
  • bbPress forum can’t exist without a WP site;
  • since WordPress is pretty wide-spread it is more vulnerable to hackers’ attacks;

Forum-purpose project

phpBB is a standalone forum project which boasts being one of the oldest and robust forum boards. It can surely offer you one good thing – a web place where people can share their thoughts easily, safely and in a convenient way. Why switch from bbPress to phpBB? Well, if you are looking for one purpose solution with some of the neat features, strong spam filter and the ability to create lots of customizations, phpBB might be the one. Your forum has complete autonomy, you don’t need to have a site which you might not use. Plus, phpBB is undoubtedly more secure than bbPress. What’s more:

  • amazing search flood control
  • opportunity to create password protected forums
  • posts sorting is available;
  • customizable private message filters

Import bbPress to phpBB in 7 Steps

Now, when you’ve made up your mind concerning the migration, it’s time to examine the presentation to learn the process in details:

Don’t waste your time on that bulletin board anymore! Change it now and get your happily ever after! Migrate from bbPress to phpBB using aisite service. Run free Demo to check the preview of your new forum and then move all of your content for good.

Estimate Your Migration Price

I want to migrate:
Please Enter the Number of Forums
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Migration Price:

* The price of the full migration may change according to the number of entities

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