Concrete5 vs. WordPress – Which is the Perfect Fit for You? (Prezi)

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When comparing Concrete5 and WordPress, the decision which one takes a cake is not that straightforward. Both CMS solutions have been around for a while and gained a reputation of powerful and reliable pieces of software. While WP is a clear-cut winner in terms of popularity, Concrete5 still attracts lots of loyal followers. So, what makes people gravitate towards one platform or another? Let’s look at some essential reasons below.

One of the greatest advantages of Concrete5 is its versatility. With this piece of software you can successfully build eCommerce stores, online newspapers, government sites, personal and family homepages. Though there’s a limited amount of plugins and addons – they can be written if you have the necessary level of coding skills. As for the drawbacks of this CMS solution, the most prominent ones are:

  • Small community. There aren’t many active members on the forum, so it can be difficult to get your questions answered;
  • A limited amount of themes available can force you to ring the bell of the designer.

To wrap it all up, Concrete5 requires some training and a certain level of technical knowledge to experience everything it has to offer.

WordPress, to the contrary, is a good choice for beginners and professionals alike. It is an extremely user-friendly piece of software trusted by millions of users all around the globe. It comes shipped with a gazillion of plugins aiming to expand the functionality and change the feel of your website as required. If you want to improve the look of your site, there is a bunch of free themes out there to use. Another place where WordPress is an indisputable leader is its SEO features – many of the plugins offered can help your website get a good ranking record on search engines. Finally, one more pleasant bonus that comes with WordPress is its community. There are enthusiasts and developers that are always ready to help in case you encounter some trouble or get stuck.

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All in all, both solutions have their pros and cons, so the decision between them should be based on your skill level and the type of website you want to build. To be more precise, Concrete5 is considered to be perfectly fitted to more experienced developers looking to create complex and powerful websites, while WordPress is a way to go for those willing to build something that works well and looks good just in a few clicks.

Consider WordPress to be a perfect fit for you? Check out the prezi below and learn the most secure and speedy way to migrate your website from Concrete5 to WordPress.

Ready to migrate? Visit Concrete5 to WordPress migration page and make the first step into the bright future of your website.

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