Concrete5 vs Joomla. Which One Reigns Supreme?

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Despite the fact that Concrete5 currently holds #19 position in the CMS category, while Joomla is #3 – both software have proved themselves very popular. They look similar at first glance but digging into the dashboard or the backend of websites reveal the fact that they are actually quite different. The article aims to compare the ins and outs of both software packages so that you have a better understanding of which one suits your needs better.


Concrete5 is a simple, yet powerful CMS that was released in 2008 and has rapidly grown in popularity since. The software provides its users with an ability to both create and run successful websites, specifically online magazines and newspapers, non-profit and organization sites, community-based portals and marketing focused sites, personal or family homepages. Concrete5 has been optimized to meet the maximum needs of different user bases, either not very computer literate or high skilled experts alike.


Joomla has been around for years and is currently recognized as one of the most highly rated CMS out there. It is an extremely efficient software package and website creation platform that has enough functionality to appeal to a wide variety of users (newbies and experts alike). Everything from a simple blog, a personal web page to complex corporate web applications are definitely within the power of Joomla.

Concrete5 vs Joomla

  • In terms of setting up both platforms score highly providing an easy means by which anyone with little to no technical skills can set up a website within a very short period of time. Their admin panels are easy to navigate and manipulate, allowing to add media, pages, and plugins through the dashboard.

  • If customizability is of concern – Joomla has leapfrogged ahead of Concrete5, providing a gazillion of extensions that are quite easy to download and implement without much effort. The same story doesn’t apply to Concrete5 which plugin repository is small and writing a new one requires strong coding skills.

  • Speaking about support – Joomla holds the trump card providing a huge community filled with both experts and enthusiasts aiming to gladly give you a hand in case you got stuck. In stark contrast to Joomla, Concrete5 doesn’t have many active members within its forum that makes it challenging for users to find solutions to their urgent issues.

  • When it comes to expenses – Concrete5 and Joomla are both free of charge. However, there is a vast array of extensions, plugins, and themes that are available for free or sale. Joomla is this aspect is more budget-friendly, offering its extensions mostly for free of charge, while people need to pay a certain amount of money for the Concrete5 themes and add-ons.

Final Thoughts

concrete5_vs_joomlaSumming everything up, you have nice possibilities with both above-mentioned CMS solutions – and it’s up to you to make the final decision. Which software will work better for you depends on your skill level and what you are trying to do with your website.

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