Comparing IP Board to phpBB: your Scope of Imagination [+Tutorial]

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Whenever you come up with the idea to bring some new features to your website, you would probably go with some helpful board, depending on your “personal fit” issues. IP Board and phpBB are forum software packages that may come in handy here. Millions of users appreciate each system for different features: stability of use, support, ease of installation and running process, free access etc.

Invision Quick Overview

IP Board (Invision Power Board) is a commercial forum solution that will make your forum community sophisticated, secure and more flexible. It has extensive database of modifications, created by professionals. Thought requiring payment for use, you can get on-time support, help and nice ads on coming from the company directly. This can extend and improve your product a lot. IP Board is a lovely option for creating new member groups easily and with minor knowledge of HTML.

Why Pick phpBB


Those who want to try some boards for free can test phpBB. This is a stable bulletin board software solution that powers your web site. In comparison with IP.Board, it requires no cost, which makes this software one of the most popular in the world. phpBB runs huge boards and offers pretty extensive database of styles customizations. Like any other script software, it has some support and team of enthusiasts who can be contacted for help. Its users enjoy the system’s ease of configuring. With the help of phpBB you can transform any discussion board to a solid forum.

Migrating from IP Board to phpBB with the help of aisite

In case you decided to migrate over your content from ip Board to phpBB you are welcome to try free demo version of aisite. This conversion utility will migrate ipBoard content directly to phpBB easily and accurately. No coding experience and no additional installation is needed. Moreover, you will get complete access to you web site during the process of migration.

Forum Content Items that are migrated from IP Board to phpBB:

  • Categories: aisite preserves the hierarchy of the categories.
  • Threads: all user data (personal details, signature, email).
  • Posts/Replies: all the publishing data, attachments and author details.
  • Attachments: all the files attached to posts.
  • Tags.
  • Forum polls.
  • Forum images.

In order to start a migration you should follow some simple steps:

1. Register your own account;


2. Provide the URL of sites you want to make migration between;


3. Start aisite Free Demo Migration;


4. Check the result and complete the Full Migration;


Choosing aisite as your forum conversion utility, you’ll get your IP Board content swiftly transferred to phpBB content management system. The process is effortless for any user. You are welcome to try free demo and, in case you like the result, research our product at pretty affordable price.


Estimate Your Migration Price

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