CMS Migration and Website Redesign – Are Not the Same Thing at All

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Want to give your website a breath of fresh air? Then, there are two possibilities opened in front of you: changing its design or moving it to another platform. Nevertheless, the final decision will depend on the reason you want to make a difference. You don’t like how your old lady-platform deals with the website work or how catchy its “outfit” is? Most people confuse website redesign and CMS migration or even think that one thing includes another one. Though they do differ.


Let’s take an example: if your house exterior begs for renovation (putting a new paint, changing plastering and windows), it doesn’t influence what’s inside it – heating system, water facilities, electricity etc. In this case, improving your house exterior equals web redesign. And changing all the household systems, which will enhance its functionalities and make your life easier, stands for CMS migration.


The inside beauty


The appearance of your website changes after the redesign, but the way it works won’t change. And on the other hand, changing your CMS makes an impact on how it works, expands the functionality and adds plenty of improvements. If you really feel unsatisfied with your website current condition – the SEO score is lower than wished, traffic keeps decreasing – it is the sign for making some decisions. There are plenty of free (open source) platforms like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, just choose the suitable one for your needs and proceed with your great web journey!


New and Trendy


Moving your CMS can be a radical decision in few cases, though. If your website operates perfectly, but, for instance, it looks awful on smartphones or tablets – go for the redesign. Running your web project on WordPress? Then download or create a new, mobile-friendly theme.

A website redesign plays a key role in updating the site when you feel like your project fails in achieving its goals. Ask yourself: will my website be more effective if I change its navigation or add few sections? Probably it will, in case people get stuck on your site without finding anything useful.


The last but not the least


Remember that even after migration you may not get a top-class design, it is always easier to make few clicks and download a new theme. Moreover, you will get both a renewed site and fresh design.

There are different reasons, but one common purpose for both website redesign and CMS migration is to update your website. You just have to find out what lays deep under that desire: “cosmetic” renovation or serious remodeling.

And if you made up your mind considering the change of your current platform, try aisite, the automated website, and forum migration service, and conduct your website migration in a blink of an eye. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to test free Demo version to get a preview of the fresh look of your project.

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