CMS Migration: The What, Why and How

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CMS migration belongs to those notions you’re going to be hearing a lot (if you haven’t already). Your first question is naturally going to be “What is CMS migration?” Followed up by questions “Why should I care?” and, finally “How can I test/proceed it?”.

The short answer? If you run a website and find its management hard, you should care a great deal.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what CMS migration means, how you can test and proceed it, and look at some examples of those who have done it right.

CMS Migration VS. Website Redesign

The first thing we need to clarify is that CMS migration is not the same as a website redesign.

A website redesign is what most websites currently undergo in their marketing strategies. They change the outlook of their web/home/landing page, and other visible aspects for marketing and sales. These all are used to captivate, drive more attention, and market to their current customers/readers and potential new leads.

The problem is that these aspects are often used to change visitors experience, and can lack internal transformations which can be explored only by you.

That is where a CMS migration experience can improve on a website redesign. CMS migration strategies take into account all core functions, perspectives and contexts of your website management. Then, using that potential, you create a widening range for design and online experience for both your visitors and yourself.

What Is CMS Migration?

In its simplest terms, CMS migration is the transfer of a website from one CMS to another. The motivation behind this transfer could vary: dissatisfaction with the current CMS due to issues with the loading speed, server downtime, support; the inability of the current CMS to handle greater traffic; the lack of functions and customization; the inability to edit and manage your website on your own, or wanting to move from one type of website management to another are all common reason to initiate CMS migration.

How to Test CMS Migration With Your Website

As with any significant change to a website infrastructure, proceeding CMS migration requires to backup your website. Backing up your website files, design and layout, graphics is the very first step. Without that there will always be a small chance that in a case of a migration fail, you will not be able to revert to your site’s initial state before you started the transfer.

When thinking of a CMS migration, sometimes you need a little inspiration to get you started down the right path. And that experience could be found through communication with anyone who has already undergone this issue. We invite you to read our 2-min interview with one of our clients which we could not do but share.

To envision all the ins and outs of an automated CMS migration with our service, we invite you to watch one of our videos comparing two of the most popular platforms: Joomla! and WordPress. There you will see how to proceed with this process fast and easy.

Regardless of what CMS you choose, you want to feel like you’ve received the biggest bang for your buck. With our Free Demo migration, this chance for you is given. Fast, easy, no coding 😉

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