CMS Digest: Running a Forum Board in 2020 Get Vital as Never Before

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2020 is full of challenges for all of us. In a matter of days, we had to switch to online life and change all the routine tasks: online shopping, online concerts, online working and even online communication. As for me, talking to people is a thing I missed most of all. Moreover, according to psychologists, communication is one of the most important needs of a man, standing at the same level as sleep, food and love. But the remote lifestyle is our reality, and all that we can is to adjust.

Make yourself comfortable as in today’s CMS Digest, we will try to build an online ‘speaking club’, or in other words, let’s create a forum board together!

An online forum is not just a place created for messaging, it’s a cool chance to discover like-minded people, make friends, or even find the love of your life. 😍 Discussion forums are internet-based group communities where you can start a discussion, or get an answer to your query. Just imagine a question appear in your mind, and instead of googling for the answer, you just go to one of such forums and get dozens of real, experience-based answers. Btw, here are the examples of top 10 discussion boards, and in case you don’t have an account there – I’d rather hurry up. 

top 10 forum boards

Well, now you know what a discussion forum is, and it’s time to figure out how to create a functional forum website for running the discussions. At first sight, it might seem to be not an easy task, but it’s such an engaging process! 🤩 Creating a forum is a perfect way to become closer to your customers and get to know all their pains and needs. For doing a successful business, it’s a must-have! 

how to create a forum board

Thanks to modern technologies, today, it’s easier than ever to set up forum software and enable your users to interact with each other. The question is, what is the best forum software for your particular needs? That’s why Hostinger Tutorials compared top solutions for creating a forum board and collected the in 9 Best Forum Software Picks to Build an Online Community in 2020. A super detailed and objective comparison must admit! ☝🏻

nine best forum boards software

As you see, the market of platforms for creating a discussion board is really huge. And you can’t be sure that you will find a perfect place for your forum from the first try. That’s for what the automated website migration exists. A successful website, no matter what it’s about, has to have a forum board up and running, cause users don’t mind your technical issues, they are here to communicate. And when it comes to switching a forum to another platform, even the minor things matter. I recommend you to save the following checklist on How to Switch Forum to Another Board with No Data Loss. Even if it’s topical now, the time for forum migration will definitely come. 🕑

how to switch forum board

Aside from the basic forum feature, a discussion board can have some advanced functionalities like question & answer board, custom social network feature, and more so you can build a community of your dreams. To add some special coloring to your forum, find out 10 Best WordPress forum plugins prepared by WPBeginner. Using these plugins, your audience will definitely stay with you forever! 

ten best wordpress plugins for forum board

Guess what I have prepared as a BONUS today? 🎉

It’s a quiz

When there’s a choice, it’s always hard to make a decision. The following quiz is designed to help you in defining what forum board platform suits your needs best of all. Just answer a few simple questions, and the system will select you a suitable forum CMS automatically. Share your results! ⤵️

quiz to find suitable forum board

It was a September edition of CMS Digest, and I hope you like it. 

Although robots and machines have become an important part of our days, they can never replace real people and communication with them. And even if we are living online lives now, there’s always a space for contact – creating a form board as an example. 

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