CMS Digest: Running a Business During and After Quarantine Time

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Always deliver more than expected’ – this is probably the motto of business, which managed to survive or even perform better during uncertain quarantine times. And while the world is starting to make tiny steps of coming back to ordinary life, we suddenly realized that our lives had changed forever. 

Many companies cut down in profit drastically or, even worse, went bankrupt and closed. And by saying that everything has changed forever, I meant that all of us would have to do something totally different in order to stay afloat. Below, I collected a set of, in my opinion, really helpful writings that suggest new approaches to running a business in and after-quarantine time

Let’s start! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

At first sight, trying new tactics is a bit scary, moreover, in such an uncertain time. But any challenge is a new opportunity. Try to optimize the routine work as much as possible and spend the rest of your time on producing new ideas and generating fresh content. I’m sure the following 20+ Tips on how to get Business through Quarantine by Flothemes will bring some good points to your mind, no matter what your company is about. 

flothemes tips

Sometimes the true problem lies in something we would never expect. Do you know that the CMS platform you run a website on has a great impact on its search performance and conversion, eventually? 🤔

Let’s examine an example. You are an owner of, let us say, a medicine-related website. But your website is built on an SEO UNfriendly CMS, and even during the quarantine time, when all the health and medical communities are on the top, your website’s visits drop down. The solution is – moving to a better functioning and SEO friendly platform. The last years’ statistics claim that it’s WordPress. aisite, the automated website migration service, has improved the process, and now migrating a website to WordPress takes virtually a few mouse clicks. Make sure yourself, by running a Free Demo migration

aisite news about wordpress migration

We already admitted that the world is changing every day now. And so do readers’ desires and preferences in content. If a few months ago we were googling ‘top places for summer holidays’ or ‘ideas for spring looks’, today we look for online courses, party home ideas and so on. MOZ blog gathered the most wanted topics and created content ideas for any niche website in order to stay interesting and informative for readers. 

P.S. ‘Coronavorus’ queries are without a rival, surely. 😱

moz content ideas

Even old methods can bring outstanding results if you give them a new coloring. We got used to promoting business by doing common activities like Social Media promotion, running a Paid Ads, and write regular follow-ups. But try to look at all these ‘trivial’ campaigns from a fresh perspective, suggested by HubSpot in 5 Startup Marketing Ideas That Actually Work. You will definitely be pleased to find out how many unrealized opportunities your business still has. 

hubspot marketing ideas

Only promising people get inspired by other’s success, while those who are doomed to fails – envy. A great number of companies could emerge from the crisis even stronger than they were before. Find out what business took advantage of the quarantine time and became more profitable thanks to it. Maybe their strategies will inspire you either. 

bbc technology article

And the traditional bonus 🍽

Guess, that for many of us quarantine became a great chance to improve cooking skills. But due to the limited outings for shopping, sometimes we lack one or more ingredients to cook a particular meal. And here SuperCook comes in handy. Just tick the ingredients you have in the fridge, and it will automatedly pick all the recipes you can cook with such a product kit. I’m sure such a service will be useful even log after the quarantine ends and the regular shopping gets back. Note that they have iOS and Android apps, so using the service is super-convenient. 


That’s it for aisite April Digest! I really hope that both you and your business remain physically and financially strong, and all the above-mentioned tips will only help you to boost great results. 😇😇😇

In case you have some more great tools and ideas to share, leave them in the comment section below or contact us on social media. Follow aisite updates as the best is yet to come! 

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