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Hi all! Welcome to CMS Digest! 🤗

Winter is almost gone, and we already anticipate warm spring days along with fresh ideas. In today’s digest, we want to share a collection of useful and inspiring articles, which, I’m 100% sure, every marketer will find helpful.

🤫 P.S. Watchful readers can find an entertaining activity inside this post and learn how to improve the general outlook of a web project with minimum efforts made.

As a professional marketer, you probably always seek for new trends, approaches and it’s OK to make mistakes. In the long run, there’s still room for improvements. Neil Patel, a marketing manager with over 18 years of experience, said that to do something right, it’s better to learn what NOT to do. You will lose a lot if you don’t read about 34 marketing principles he lives by.

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Recollecting Rihanna’s song, the following words come to marketer’s mind:

“- What platform runs the CMS world?

– WordPress!” 🤩

Everyone living in website creation environment knows that WordPress is the most wanted and used platform. The question is “How much does it cost to run and develop a website on WordPress?” Experts at WPBeginner investigated this issue and came to a conclusion.

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Following the previous WP-related question, take into consideration this guide on easy WordPress migration. Yes, you read it right! Easy WordPress migration exists! And a few steps are enough to make it strategy

If WordPress is so cool, does it mean that it’s the only functional and user-friendly CMS platform? Not a bit of it! HubSpot writer Clifford Chi did a great job and described for us top website builders for 2019.

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Every marketer is crazy about SEO. Believe me, I know what I’m saying 🤓

Find out how website speed can improve or worsen Google’s, or other search engines, attitude towards your web project. Different tools, metrics and life-hacks on how to boost website performance. 

Or leave all these processes to professionals and turn to SEO OneClick agency for help.

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To run a discussion board (forum) is like holding an international party – people of different age, viewpoints, gender and nationality come to your website in search for comrades. But sooner or later, a forum board will need changes and migration is inevitable. Bookmark this tutorial on how to switch forum to another platform and don’t lose your community after forum migration.

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B O N U S ! ! !

As I promised, watchful readers get a bonus! Can’t Unsee is a game that tests your attention to details. Marketers do have to be accurate and focused. Thanks to Alex Kotliarskyi for such an engaging and funny exercise. I personally enjoyed it greatly!

Hey, marketers! How many coins did you manage to get? Share your results in comments, and I’ll share mine 😎😎😎

marketing strategy

Well, that’s it! I hope that February Digest inspired you with fresh ideas and working routine, we, marketers know what it’s, won’t even loom on the horizon.

Leave your feedback on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages and let us know what topics would be interesting for you to discuss in the following CMS digests.

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