CMS audit 101: HTML vs WordPress

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Websites. There are zillion dozens of them. Like planets in the space. Website developers’ experience cases are probably of the same amount. You’ll be amazed how many there are techniques to create a superstar-looking website. Among them, CMSs which are becoming more and more used.

Yes, you’re right, we are going to write about it. If more accurate, there we will compare WordPress which is the world’s #1 CMS and HTML, which is a markup language.

What is the difference?

As it was already mentioned, WP is a CMS and HTML is a markup language. Naturally, it also strongly depends on how and what you want to use your website for .

All the CMS “juice” is that it already has a catalog of a limited amount of themes, addons, and room for admin. Website platforms offer you that needed backbone to build a website.

HTML, on the contrary, requires more profound programming knowledge. Here you make all the music by yourself. Everything, including the features above which are provided by CMS, should be written in HTML code. On the other side, it’s not so bad, since it gives a larger room for you or your client’s whims and customization.

Where Does WP Win?

Simplicity and usability matter

We’ll be straight. WP is more popular (nearly 16m of websites globally run on WP ). Why is it so? Because of its simplicity. The user-friendly interface lets you manage your website all the way you want. Even the newbiest newbie can build own website or blog or whatever the one wants.

You can add, change, delete something with no necessary coding language knowledge, using only the right buttons. WP keeps the dynamism of your website.


After a 5 minute installation, you can start building a website, adding all the needed plugins and themes.There are lots of themes (4k+) which you’re able to choose and then change seamlessly.

Adding plugins (45k+) will help your website stand firmly and get multifunctionality.

Updating a WP website won’t be a problem. It’s all way smoothly automated with the clicking of “Update” button.


Open Source software – this decides everything. That’s why WP is always improving, and something new is regularly added here. A large community of web developers and highly experienced people in using WP can point to any flaws and make contributions. In fact, it’s possible for anyone to provide a needed help or tip on the spot.


Addons in WP are in the first place if you care for safety, performance, rankings and other juicy stuffing for your website. Besides, as was already mentioned, this is an open source CMS, thus many of useful extensions are created on the daily basis. To add and expand your site’s functionality, you only need to find an appropriate plugin and install it.

It’s like reading; your knowledge widens when you choose proper and useful books to read.


Developing a separate SEO strategy and technologies for HTML site may consume a lot of your time. WP provides great ranking opportunities since this platform intends to be SEO friendly, and Google likes WP. Plus, you can install plugins which will help your site climb to the top.

With HTML, everything is a bit more difficult. All your website features should be written from the beginning. Means, that you’re building a website from the very scratch. For the updates or to change even the look of your homepage you should use additional resources to create a unique script for you, but…

Where Does HTML Win?


Since HTML is a markup language, it allows you create literally your own universe. With the help of coding, it’s possible to add features which CMSs lack. Admin’s background, templates, content, posts, everything of these can be modified.


Once you’ve built your website with all the bells and whistles, there’s no need to maintain it somehow furtherly. HTML is a perfect solution for static sites when the contents should remain unchanged.


To run a website, you should forecast the expenses it will take. When it comes to themes, HTML themes are 10-20$  cheaper than those of WP (45$-60$ =average price per theme).

The same concerns hosting. As you know, WP requires hosting which supports MySQL Database and PHP. It’s not a problem for hosting providing companies if you have enough money.

HTML doesn’t require MySQL Database and/or PHP. So you can look for cheaper hosting services.

Bullets ricocheted, everyone still alive. In the end, it’s evident that both ways of website building can be used to see a desirable result. You can choose what suits best for you. Any method is good if you plan good.

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