Being on Close Terms with WordPress 3.9: Troubleshooter

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Nowadays, all WordPress users are struck with a sea of new WordPress ‘Smith’ 3.9 release. Pinning all the hopes on new features, you are absolutely absorbed with the dream, almost passing belief options that polish your media content management, simplify the site components organization, and generally, everything that makes your web project shine. With the new discovery of unknown worlds, you level at the improvements and rapid growth that make you come close to the user friendly and accomplished website management.

But, at the same time first steps of implementing new WordPress 3.9 techniques and methods may become rather cumbersome, you know, like everything else while scaling new heights. So, to make your upgrade to WordPress 3.9 effortless and advantageous, we’ve planned the strategic troubleshooter to eliminate all the boundaries of the new era of your WordPress website.

How to Stop Your WordPress 3.9 Visual Editor Grizzle?

So, going backstage on new WordPress 3.9 version, many people have stumbled upon some visual editor issues. The WP support forum is exuberating with the complaints that at the new version the visual editor is disappeared or broken. This is caused because of the multiple changes made with TinyMCE. With these shifts the framework has been modified completely, that why all the plugins and themes should be updated. Coming closer to the essence of the matter, to fix out this issue you should proceed with the following actions:

  • aisite-how-to-master-wordpress-3.9Manually clear your browser cache. Also, make sure to free any caching plugin at your WordPress dashboard.
  • Disable all your WP plugins. Sounds pretty frightfully, but this works for sure.
  • Change your theme to the default ‘Twenty Fourteen’.

After that, you may check out your visual editor, it should work properly. If everything is nice, you may switch to your theme again, and then take a glance at your visual editor one more time. If there’s what you’ve expected, you may proceed with the further management steps. Otherwise, if your visual editor is not work, it means your theme is not compatible with the WordPress 3.9 version, or there’s something wrong with it.

Next, you may activate your plugins afresh one at a time. With the every new plugin activated, check out your visual editor on working correctly. The issue with the editor load may be caused because of the defective plugin.

How to Curb TinyMCE Issues?

One more skeleton at the WordPress cupboard still relates to TinyMCE software. With the planned improvements and more customization opportunities, there’s a kind of mismatch of this software and plugins that why actually there are these troubles with the visual editor. Also, you should know that ‘wpdialogs’ is no longer available with TinyMCE, so you should wait till the plugins relied on it, will have been updated.

aisite-upload-audio-to-new-wordpress-3.9How to Make Your WordPress 3.9 Band Play?

One of the most awaited features of new WordPress 3.9 version is the opportunity to add a playlist to your website. Concerning this question, there’s one shade you should know about, if you want  to add to your website some audio files, make sure that your media library is hosted on a CDN (content delivery network). This will guarantee you the speed website loading time.

All in all, it’s just the first steps of new WordPress progress. As it is said, “Through difficulties to the stars”, that is the way of your website prosperity.

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